<strong>Medical Malpractice: Defined</strong>

Medical Malpractice: Defined

People facing even minor medical conditions rely on the experience and trustworthy care offered by qualified medical care providers to help their recovery and maintain their quality of life. Quality medical care can help decrease pain, treat illnesses, or support patients with serious medical needs. Unfortunately, sometimes, medical care providers may not provide the high […]

When should I sue for malpractice?

When should I sue for malpractice

Your relationship with your doctor is important. If you discover that your doctor harmed you or failed to help you, it can leave you devastated, especially when a health care professional or facility refuses to provide you with information regarding what happened or remedy the issues. We prepared the following blog to inform you about […]

When Can I Seek Compensation for a Doctor’s Misdiagnosis?

When Can I Seek Compensation for a Doctor’s Misdiagnosis

Doctors use a wide range of tests and equipment to diagnose their patients’ ailments. When you visit the doctor, you trust that they have the knowledge and expertise necessary to identify the cause of your discomfort and prescribe appropriate treatment. If your doctor misdiagnoses your condition, you may endure numerous difficulties. A recent study of […]

​Can You Sue for Medical Malpractice Without a Lawyer?

​Can You Sue for Medical Malpractice Without a Lawyer

When you go to a medical professional for treatment, you trust them to provide an appropriate standard of care. Unfortunately, health care professionals don’t always deserve that trust, and they seriously harm patients. Medical negligence can aggravate illnesses, cause catastrophic injuries or even lead to premature death. For victims and their loved ones, the consequences […]

​Chicago Medical Errors and Legal Cases

​Chicago Medical Errors and Legal Cases

When you go to the doctor in Chicago, whether for a standard checkup or a surgical procedure, you trust that the medical facility and staff will provide you with safe, reliable care. Unfortunately, that’s not always the care you get because of medical errors. A medical error can take a heavy physical, mental, and financial […]

Are Medical Malpractice Cases Hard to Win?

Medical Malpractice: Defined

If you are a victim of medical negligence, you will likely feel misled, furious, and upset. When you visit the hospital to improve your or a loved one’s health, you expect to heal, but this is not always the case. If you visit any hospital and the physician makes a medical mistake due to negligence, […]

​Can I Sue My Doctor for Injuries in Illinois?

Can I Sue My Doctor For Injuries In Illinois

Illinois contains more than 200 hospitals and hundreds of clinics, standalone emergency departments, and private physician offices. While these medical facilities provide convenience and choice for residents and visitors, they can make mistakes, and when they do, you may hold them liable for injuries. Not all bad outcomes in the medical arena result from an […]

How Do I Know If I Have a Medical Malpractice Case?

Do I Have A Medical Claim

Facing less than the service you expected from your care provider can leave you reeling. You may discover that your doctor incorrectly diagnosed a serious ailment, causing you not to receive the treatment you needed. You might find that your care provider did not provide the treatment you should have received for your illness or […]

What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need for Medical Malpractice?

Medical Malpractice Common claims

Unfavorable results can happen in the medical field. However, some patients suffer serious consequences due to negligence by a healthcare professional. Medical malpractice is a complex area, and the law can confuse people. You might not know if you can seek compensation or are curious about your rights. A lawyer can provide answers to the […]

How to Sue a Hospital for Negligence

Medical Malpractice Common claims

If medical professionals make negligent mistakes, the patient could recover compensation for resulting injuries and losses. Doctors and other medical professionals must provide a high standard of care, and violating that standard of care has financial consequences for the doctor, hospital, and any other medical professional involved in the negligent behavior. Violating standards of care […]