The Empty Chair Defense and Proximate Cause

It Wasn’t Me… You’ve been injured in an accident and the person who injured you says they’re not responsible. Sure, they were involved in the accident, but they were not the cause. They claim a third party set in motion the events that led to your injury. They don’t know who this third party is […]


Riding a bike for the first time is one of the most memorable times in a person’s life.  However, cyclists should be weary when riding throughout the streets of Illinois.  In 2014, Illinois ranked 5th in the nation for the most cycling related fatalities.* Bike Accidents are Preventable Cyclists often ride on the road in […]

The Trucking Industry from the Perspective of the Plaintiff’s Attorney

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s new crash test revealed surprising results for some of America’s best-selling cars. When put through a crash test simulating a front-corner crash, many cars performed reasonably well, but others had significant shortcomings that could put drivers and passengers at risk of harm in a car accident. New crash test […]