Common Personal Injury Accidents

Personal Injury Attorney for Common Injury Accidents in Chicago

Each day in the U.S., individuals find themselves in risky situations. These situations can involve traffic congestion; hazardous property features at friends’ homes, at local stores, or even in public areas; food, medicine, or products that are contaminated or defective; and even negligence by medical providers or nursing home facilities. If the careless or reckless […]

Types of Burn Injuries

What Burn Injuries Can a Lawyer Help Me With?

Many people do not realize that the skin is an organ. Not only that, but it is the largest organ of the body. Because it exists outside the body, where it is relatively unprotected, the skin is particularly prone to becoming injured. One of the most common and painful skin injuries is a burn. Another […]

When Should I Hire a Lawyer for My Injuries?

Hiring An Injury Attorney

Personal injury cases often involve complex laws and challenging procedural issues that can affect your ability to win your claim and collect the money you need. And although there are no specific rules or guidelines for hiring a personal injury attorney, it is often recommended that you contact one of these experienced legal professionals as […]

How to File an Injury Accident Claim?

Personal Injury Accident Claim Process

If you suffered harm in an accident because of another person’s wrongful or negligent actions, you likely have questions about your legal options, remedies, and whether you should file a legal claim. Our personal injury lawyers have prepared this post to help address these questions and clarify some common misunderstandings regarding common personal injury accidents. […]

How Much Does a Lawyer Cost?

Medical Malpractice Common claims

Breaking Down the Legal Cost of a Personal Injury Claim Hiring a lawyer to handle your personal injury claim can make it much easier to pursue the compensation you deserve for the injuries you sustained. However, many people worry about the cost of hiring an attorney. Just how much does it cost to work with […]

Common Personal Injury Claims

Common Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury claims can arise any time one party suffers an injury due to another party’s negligence. To establish liability in a personal injury claim, the injured party, or that party’s lawyer, must show: The liable party bore a duty of care to the injured person That the responsible party violated that duty of care […]

The Average Settlement for a Pedestrian Hit by a Car

Settlement For Pedestrians

As a pedestrian hit by a car, you likely have many questions about your next steps. How can you protect yourself? What financial protection do you have? If the driver’s negligent actions caused your pedestrian accident, you might have the right to file a pedestrian accident claim for compensation for the damages you sustained. But […]

$ 2.12 M

Our client was mislead into investing in a commodities fraud program run by members of his church.

$ 1.77 M

Zayed Law Offices secured a worthy settlement for a young client after a motor vehicle accident caused by a Cook County Sheriff.

$ 1.50 M

Lead counsel Adam J. Zayed confidentially resolved a Commercial Vehicle crash lawsuit for $1,500,000.