$ 1.00 M

Our client made a tremendous recovery for a client injured in a hotly disputed motor vehicle incident. Despite significant preexisting medical treatment, we were able to secure $1,000,000.

$ 685 K

Our client suffered severe injuries which led to extensive medical treatment, prolonged disability and inability to lead her normal life.

$ 500 K

Attorney Adam J. Zayed recovered the $500,000 policy limits for a client injured in a motor vehicle crash when the defendant driver fell asleep at the wheel.

$ 300 K

Zayed Law Offices successfully obtained policy limits for our clients who were a family of four. The defendant driver ran a red light and crashed into our clients’s vehicle.

$ 272 K

Zayed Law Offices recovered the policy limits for a client involved in a motor vehicle accident in Will County.

$ 250 K

Zayed Law Offices represented a family of 3 that was involved in a car accident in Cook County. One of the family members suffered more extensive injuries than the others. Our office was able to compensate the family for their injuries accordingly.

$ 250 K

Our client suffered a terrible injury to his back and neck due to a rear end crash that occurred in Will County. Injuries were so extensive that he required a fusion. Zayed Law Offices secured the full the Policy Limits for the client.

$ 250 K

We recovered $250,000 for a client that was hit head on by an intoxicated driver that attempted to flee the scene of the accident.

$ 250 K

Our client was rear ended and pushed into a vehicle in front of him. He suffered significant injuries to his shoulder, that required extensive treatment. Our office was able to recover $250,000 in a settlement.

$ 250 K

Zayed Law Offices successfully settled a motor vehicle accident case in Will County for the $250,000 policy limits.