$ 1.25 M

Zayed Law Offices recovered $1,250,000 in connection with a confidential medical malpractice case.

$ 950 K

Attorney Adam J. Zayed confidentially resolved a Medical Malpractice law suit for $950,000 in connceciton with a negligently performed laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

$ 485 K

Zayed Law Offices represented a client that was injured during the performance of a laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Our office recovered $485,000 for our his injuries which included a reconstruction and numerous invasive procedures.

$ 475 K

Zayed Law Offices represented a client in connection with a failure to diagnose prostate cancer against a local urologist. The 6 month delay was explained by the defense as something that could not have caused the metastases to our clients spine. Ultimately, the parties came to a reasonable resolution in the amount of $475,000 for the client.

$ 200 K

During the performance of a laparoscopic cholecystectomy, our client’s common bile duct was transected and immediately recognized.  After years of litigation, and hotly contested liability, Zayed Law Offices was able to secure $200,000 for our client.

$ 200 K

Zayed Law Offices secured a $200,000 settlement award for a client whose bile duct was severed during a routine gallbladder surgery. The surgical error caused the patient to undergo an extensive repair surgery that resulted in using a piece of her small intestines to replace her damaged bile duct.