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Adam J Zayed, Founder & Trial Attorney

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Zayed Law Offices secured $1.3 million for the estate of our client in case that involved a Wrongful Death. Our client was killed during the repair of a Commercial Vehicle.

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Wrongful Death




Our client was injured in a crash caused by a Cook County Forest Preserve Officer. Our settlement is more than 17x medical bills.

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Vehicle Accident



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I’ve heard nothing but good things about this law firm. My best friend’s mom came here to get help and Adam Zayed has really changed her life. Here they really care about the Joliet community and their clients! I’m very happy with the help she received from this firm, I️ would definitely recommend anyone looking for a dedicated team that would work hard for you to come here.
-F. E.
After my accident, I was at a loss of what to do next. I spoke with Adam and was not disappointed. He was able to help me with my lawsuit and kept me informed the entire time. I will refer his services to any who ask. I am completely satisified with the service he provided. Thanks again!
-C. H.

Champaign Personal Injury Lawyers

Known as the home of the world-class University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and located at the intersection of three interstates, Champaign’s growing, bustling metropolitan population provides many amenities.

It also leads to terrible accidents, from pedestrian and bike crashes in Campustown and Downtown Champaign to collisions with trucks delivering to shopping centers along Prospect Avenue and Neil Street and cars trying to navigate the congested roads near the university. Medical centers like OSF Heart of Mary Medical Center and Carle Foundation Hospital can make mistakes that cost patients their health and lives. Carelessness at places ranging from Walmart and the Market Place Shopping Center to Memorial Stadium can lead to costly slips and falls.

Should these or other accidents happen to you in Champaign or Urbana, call Zayed Law Offices for your free case consultation. If we feel you have a case and agree to work together, our Champaign personal injury lawyers can pursue the compensation you need to pay for your medical costs and pain and suffering—all at no cost to you.

If you suffered severe injuries in a Champaign-Urbana accident due to the negligence of another party, call us to get the compensation you deserve. Contact Zayed Law Offices today to learn more about your rights.

Table of Contents

Common Injury Claims in Champaign

badgeNegligent actions cause many potentially challenging injuries, including injuries that can change the course of a victim’s life. Dealing with the aftermath of severe injuries can cause ongoing suffering and serious financial losses for many victims.

These injury claims take many forms. You may have the right to an injury claim any time you suffer an injury due to another party’s negligence, even if your injuries do not fall into the following common categories.

Car Accidents

Every day, car accidents cause serious injury to victims in Champaign. If you suffer injuries in a car accident caused by another driver’s negligent behavior, including drowsy or distracted driving, you may have the right to compensation.

Truck Accidents

Big trucks provide vital services as they carry goods throughout Champaign and Urbana, but they also risk substantial accidents. Big truck accidents frequently involve more significant injuries than other auto accidents.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors must provide a high standard of care for all patients, particularly those with high medical needs. When a doctor deviates from that standard of care and injuries the patient, the patient may have the right to a medical malpractice claim.

Birth Injuries

During childbirth, both mother and child face considerable vulnerability, greater than at any other time. If a care provider’s negligence causes injury to the mother or child, the family may have the right to a birth injury claim.

Wrongful Death

Losing a loved one due to another party’s negligence causes immense emotional strain, but it can also seriously strain financial issues for your family. You may have the right to file a wrongful death claim to seek compensation for those losses.

Product Liability

Product manufacturers must create safe products when used according to their intent. Product manufacturers who construct dangerous products may be liable for any injuries caused by those products.

Premises Liability

Property owners, both public and private, should carefully maintain their properties to decrease the risk of injury to visitors. When they fail in their duty, they may bear liability for any injuries caused by their lapse.

Pedestrian Accidents

Many people in Champaign walk on the streets, either for exercise or to get around the area. Pedestrians often have the right of way, especially at crosswalks and other locations. When a negligent driver causes injury to a pedestrian, the pedestrian may deserve compensation.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles provide little protection from the road, which means riders may suffer more serious injuries in a collision. Drivers who cause motorcycle accidents may bear liability for those injuries.

Dog Bites

In Illinois, dog owners bear strict liability for any damage caused by a dog attack, including an attack by a dog who may never have caused injury to a victim before.

Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

Nursing homes must provide a high standard of care for their residents. However, caregivers may be negligent or abusive, leading to severe injury or even death of their residents.

Zayed Law Offices Can Help Champaign, IL Personal Injury Victims

When you suffer serious injuries due to someone else’s negligent actions, a lawyer can help guide you through the claim process and provide you with information about what you can expect. At Zayed Law Offices, we have considerable experience helping Champaign and Urbana injury victims seek compensation.

Our experienced team of injury attorneys will fight for the compensation you deserve, from collecting evidence related to your injuries to creating a compelling claim to cover your financial losses. We also provide legal advice at every step of the claim process so that you can recover the compensation you deserve.

Recovering Compensation after Injuries in Champaign

When you suffer injuries in an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to recover compensation for those injuries. At Zayed Law Offices, we cannot guarantee recovery of the full value of your compensation, but we will work with you to outline the compensation you should expect based on the costs you faced after your accident.

Many personal injury claims include the same elements of compensation.

  • Medical costs: The cost of any medical bills to pay for medical treatment required after your accident, from the cost of emergency treatment to long-term medical costs, including physical or occupational therapy
  • Lost earnings: The income you lost as a direct result of the accident and your injuries, whether you had to stay out of work short-term or long-term after your accident
  • Pain and suffering: Your general losses and suffering

Contact a Champaign Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Adam J Zayed, Founder & Trial Attorney
Champaign Personal Injury Lawyer, Adam Zayed

Did you suffer severe injuries in a Champaign-Urbana accident due to someone else’s negligence? You may deserve compensation for those injuries. Contact Zayed Law Offices today at (309) 518-1413 for your free consultation.

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Joan Steigert

I found Adam after searching reviews for someone to represent me after an accident. I met with him and decided on his law firm. I mainly worked with Jeremy Lee. He always kept me up to date, answered all my questions. He worked hard for me and was very happy with the outcome. If you’re looking for a lawyer I would highly recommend Zayad Law firm.

Alicia Reyna

My name Alicia and I was recently represented by Zayed Law Firm. They demonstrated a high level of professionalism and knowledge and were always quick to respond to any questions that I had. They always kept me updated and helped my through my troubles every step of the way. Client interest is among their top priorities. I strongly recommend representation from the people at Zayed Law firm and I will ask for them to represent me again in the future.

Practice Areas

  • Personal Injury Attorneys

    When you were involved in an accident in which you were not considered to be at fault and suffers an injury due to that accident, you may feel as that you have been wronged and that you may have a case for a personal injury lawsuit. The types of damages that may be recovered in a personal injury lawsuit include lost wages, medical expenses and compensation for pain, suffering, and emotional distress.

  • Medical Malpractice Attorneys

    Our medical malpractice attorneys help victims recover damages from injuries, complications, and disability claims that resulted from medical malpractice due to negligence or any other medical procedure or medical treatment that deviated from the applicable standard of care required from healthcare professionals.

  • Birth Injury Lawyer

    Our Chicago birth injury lawyers are experienced and qualified to litigate birth injury cases. Our birth injury attorneys will ensure that birth injury clients receive the compensation deserved and that the best quality of life is available for children suffering from these injuries.

  • Wrongful Death Attorney

    When someone is killed due to the negligent conduct of another, the heirs will have the right to file an accidental death lawsuit with the help of a wrongful death attorney. Illinois law allows a cause of action to be brought on behalf of family members of the deceased.

  • Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

    If you suspect a family member or loved one is not receiving adequate care at a nursing home or similar facility, then the first step is to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer who can advise you if you have a case and help you navigate the legal system to recover damages and get compensation for your loved one and your family.

  • Truck Accident Lawyer

    If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident, then you need to consult with a trucking accident attorney to ensure that you get all the damages you are rightfully owed. A semi-truck accident lawyer will be able to help you determine what harms were incurred and what kind of damages you are entitled to.

  • Car Accident Lawyer

    If you were recently involved in a car accident and an injury occurred as a result of that motor vehicle accident, then you may be able to claim damages including medical expenses, wage loss, future impairment, and pain and suffering. Our Car crash attorneys can help you determine the best next steps and how to file a lawsuit during the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident.

  • Premises Liability Attorney

    Premises liability can encompass claims from injuries caused by falling on ice that has not been shoveled, or more serious injuries can like falling cranes, manhole covers not properly closed or poorly installed, or industrial gas leaks. Our premises liability lawyers can help you determine the next steps on how to file a lawsuit after a premises liability accident.

  • Construction Accident Lawyer

    Construction accidents can lead to some of the most devastating injuries. This is not only because of the exposure that workers have to extremely dangerous environments but because workers frequently have families who are dependent on them for support. Our construction accident law firm has significant experience when it comes to guiding clients in the aftermath of construction injuries.

Nicholas Such

Excellent service, A+, highly recommended, I will be using this same firm in the future for all my legal needs, thanks!

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