Zayed Law Offices Files Unprecedented Two Erb’s Palsy Birth Injury Cases In One Month

Chicago Erb’s Palsy Lawyer

The national medical malpractice attorneys at Zayed Law Offices filed two separate birth injury lawsuits for cases arising in Chicago, Illinois and Montgomery, Alabama.

The cases are supported by medical expert opinions that have identified both birth injury victims suffer from Erb’s Palsy due to factors that include but are not limited to:

  • Improper delivery techniques including failure to properly manage the shoulder dystocia that occurred at delivery 
  • Failure to accurately and correctly utilize the proper techniques and maneuvers necessary to effectively relieve the risk of shoulder dystocia during delivery and minimize shoulder dystocia after delivery 
  • Application of excessive lateral traction upon the plaintiff (infant)’s head and neck during delivery 

In both cases filed by Zayed Law Offices, the baby suffered Erb’s Palsy injuries in connection with a failure to manage shoulder dystocia. Shoulder dystocia can have potential long term or life-altering effects upon the infant, including but not limited to Erb’s palsy and Cerebral Palsy.

One or more standard deviations from the acceptable standard of care were a proximate cause of the injuries to the babies resulting in permanent dramatic injuries including paralysis, loss of normal life, pain and suffering, disfigurement along with substantial medical bills. These are lifelong complications that lead to a reduced quality of life.  

Since opening the practice in 2009, the attorneys at Zayed Law Offices have recovered many millions of dollars for their clients encompassing a range of personal injury and medical malpractice lawsuits. 

The team at Zayed Law Offices leverages their collective decades of legal acumen, experience, and financial resources in order to maximize compensation for their clients in connection with birth injuries due to medical malpractice. 

“We are uniquely driven to pursue justice for children who have suffered injuries during birth. These babies and their families might have a tough road ahead, and insurers and their attorneys are always lobbying to alter the medical literature in order to try to change the goal posts for what is a breach of the standard of care or malpractice. “While no amount can fully compensate for a serious birth injury resulting in Erb’s palsy or Cerebral Palsy, we proudly and zealously fight to make our clients’ whole in the eyes of the law,” he added. 

The medical malpractice attorneys at Zayed Law Offices are honored and privileged to represent the children and families who have suffered birth injuries. There are few things more personal, important and profound than a birth injury lawsuit that may be the one and only opportunity for a child to seek a remedy in the wake of a lifetime of challenges.

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