We are trial attorneys

The jury trial is the purest form of democracy, handed down from our forefathers, a process inherent in the DNA of our country. Every case we handle is prepared with the anticipation that it will go to trial. We take the time to prepare, and we fully appreciate the nuances of each case.


Zayed Law Offices is a different kind of law firm, and we have a mission that is different from other law firms.  We are a trial law firm, and our multifaceted goal includes taking on a plurality of the most complex and catastrophic injury cases in the State of Illinois.  Our goal is not to profiteer from the suffering of our clients, but rather we are here to express and convey the full totality of their losses.  We will leave no stone unturned in our efforts to quantify how injuries have diminished the quality of life of our clients.  We not only aim to be the best in the State of Illinois, but we aim to be the best in the Country at leveraging the losses of our clients in order to demand that insurers and corporate interests comply with the law and remedy the wrong done to our clients and to make our clients as whole as possible.

Our brand of trial advocacy integrates elements of statistics, business, finance, and strategy, mixed with tremendous legal experience and trial advocacy. There is an elegance to trial law.  And in the view of Zayed Law Offices, juries and Courts are essentially a fulcrum.  Our mission is to level the playing field for our clients, and it is our mandate to lever our clients’ cases into the position where they belong.  Our aim is to take on a significant percentage of the catastrophic injury cases in each jurisdiction in which we practice, and this is because there is little reason for injury victims to consider any other firm due to our competitive advantages and strengths.  We are the first and best option for catastrophic personal injury victims. 

Zayed Law Offices has many structural advantages that make it an ideal home for the biggest and most complex cases in Illinois.  We are an office dedicated to a maintaining a high level of intellectual acumen, and we are also extremely driven to deliver exceptional results for our clients.  Another key attribute of our law firm is that we are going to be around for many decades.  Our firm is built to last.  Our firm has the resources, the strength and the resolve to advocate for our clients at the highest levels.  We relish the challenges that cause the meek to turn away in dismay.   

Our motivation is unique.  We are not motivated by money.  But rather we are motivated by the challenge and the responsibility to amplify our clients’ cases.  It is true in order to lever our clients cases, our firm needs significant resources, knowledge, manpower, and experience, and so as an organization we endeavor to grow and dominate in all of these aspects, but, at the end of the day, we fight for our clients.  We win for our clients.  We’re motivated by succeeding for our clients.  No matter what happens, no matter how hard the going gets, we remain loyal to our clients and their interests.  So, in many ways, even though we enjoy complexity, strategy, trials, and theory, our mission is very, very simple: we are on a warpath for our clients, and we want our clients and potential clients to know: we care about you, and if we work together, our firm will never stop fighting for you.

Adam J. Zayed
Managing TRIAL Attorney

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Zayed Law Offices is currently handling intakes via phone and ZOOM. If you would like to arrange a free, no-obligation consultation, no need to come in for an office consultation.   We can even send paperwork via DocuSign.