At Zayed Law Offices we are adept in reviewing the factors that make a case viable. Very frequently, we take calls from potential clients who suspect they have a case, but they do not know what kind of case. On the topic of construction injuries, we frequently take calls from hard working men and women who were injured on a jobsite. Now, when they call they might be under the assumption that they have a workers compensation case. Countless times, after reviewing the facts at hand, we have discovered that there is a third party involved and that a traditional personal injury case and/or product liability case is warranted.

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$ 2.12 M

Our client was mislead into investing in a commodities fraud program run by members of his church.

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Zayed Law Offices secured a worthy settlement for a young client after a motor vehicle accident caused by a Cook County Sheriff.

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Lead counsel Adam J. Zayed confidentially resolved a Commercial Vehicle crash lawsuit for $1,500,000.

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Zayed Law Offices secured $1.3 million for the estate of our client in case that involved a Wrongful Death.

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The Chicago Crane Accident Attorneys at Zayed Law Offices have represented injured workers in connection with catastrophic personal injuries.  Whether the injuries include fractures, brain injuries or paralysis, we fight to uncover whether there is a third party involved.  This is important because on the surface of things, most workers think that they were injured at work and so they have a workers compensation case.  The fact is that workers compensation is a limited compensation system, and it is not contemplated as a full remedy.  So, if the injuries are truly grievous, catastrophic and/or lead to a wrongful death, it is critical to investigate as to whether there was third party involvement.   


In the context of crane accidents, if an innocent bystander is injured or if someone who is not on the job is injured, it is easy to deduce that those responsible for the crane and/or the manufacturer are going to deserve a good hard look in terms of their potential culpability.  However, when a worker is injured on a job site, things become a bit more complicated.  For example, if the employer set up the crane, and the worker is injured, we’re looking at a workers compensation lawsuit, but we will also need to investigate whether the injury occurrence happened as a result of the negligence of another party – a third party.  For example, we might look at whether there was a general contractor involved.  We might look at whether there were other construction teams at the site.  We might need to look at whether the crane manufacturer was negligent.  We might need to look at whether the property owner was negligent in some fashion.   


 In the event of a catastrophic injury on a job site involving a crane accident, workers compensation will not fully compensate the worker or their family.  In the event that our investigative team uncovers the negligence of a third party, that discovery could be the difference between a life of pain, suffering and isolation and a full remedy as contemplated by the law.  At Zayed Law Offices, our legal team is dedicated to fighting for the rights of people injured due to the neglect of corporations and organized money.  In the event that you or a family member has suffered because of a crane accident in Illinois, contact us at 855.726.1616 for a free, no-obligation consultation or fill out our contact form.   

At Zayed Law Offices, we are proponents of the approach that medical attention is the primary concern in the aftermath of a catastrophic occurrence.  It is critical to report the injury to the employer or manager with specificity.  Further, it is a good idea to get contact information for any potential witnesses along with photos of the injuries and the condition that led to the injury.  Contacting a skilled and experienced construction accident attorney is a critical component when fighting for your rights in the aftermath of an injury.   

In the event of a catastrophic injury at a construction site, the investigation as to at liable parties can be extremely important and time sensitive.  The initial investigation as to at fault parties can be aided by a thorough OSHA inquiry.  Frequently there is overlapping negligence on behalf of many different parties, and typically our firm’s investigation of the parties involved includes a comprehensive examination about whether parties other than the employer are liable. 

Construction Site OwnersSometimes the property owner and/or the construction site owner deserve scrutiny in the event of a construction accident.   


General and sub-contractors: both of these entities have a duty to maintain a safe working environment.  The relationship of the injured person to the general and sub-contractors is also of critical importance in terms of determining the type of case at issue.  Workers compensation injuries do not require a finding of negligence, but workers compensation is not a complete compensation system.  On the other hand, if the worker was an independent contractor, they might have the opportunity to file a civil action seeking a complete remedy from the courts.   


Architects and Engineers: In the event that the architects or engineers involved in any particular project have created a dangerous environment.  Sometimes architects and engineers violate safety codes, but sometimes their violations must be exposed through the use of experts retained by a personal injury construction accident law firm.   


Manufacturers:  Defective products put people at risk on the job site.  In the event that a product was manufactured improperly or if the product was designed in a negligent manner, the laws of strict liability will apply.  Further, companies that were involved in any way throughout the supply chain may very well be liable.   


Interaction between OSHA and Construction Accidents 


OSHA is sometimes feared as an impediment to productivity at job sites.  That being said OSHA’s mandate is to ensure that working environments are safe.  In the event of a catastrophic construction injury it is usually a good idea to ask OSHA to inspect the workplace, to inspect policies and procedures in place, to request information about minimum OSHA standards.  Workers are free to invoke OSHA without fear of retaliation or reprisal.  In the event of a serious construction site injury, our law firm can also help clients file an OSHA complaint in the event of an injury involving a dangerous workplace.  OSHA can not only help with a preliminary investigation, but they can actually make a difference in terms of the safety standards at the workplace. 

  • Crane accidents; 
  • Hoist accidents; 
  • Collapsed structures; 
  • Toxic substances; 
  • Falls from elevations; 
  • Slips and falls; 
  • Defective products; 
  • Fires and explosions; 
  • Scaffolding accidents; and 
  • Wrongful death 

At Zayed Law Offices, we are a trial law firm dedicated to helping people who have been injured on construction sites seek a remedy for their injuries.  We have experience working on some of the most complex and catastrophic injuries in the State of Illinois.  We fight hard to secure compensation for the following types of losses: 


  • Past and future medical bills; 
  • Past and future pain and suffering; 
  • Past and future loss of normal life; 
  • Past and future lost income; 
  • Emotional suffering; 
  • Disfigurement; and 
  • Wrongful death.   

If you have questions about a construction site accident involving you or a family member, please contact our office for a free, no-obligation consultation at 855.726.1616 or use our contact form.   .