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Rockford Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer

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Rockford Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer

A nursing home should be a safe place for seniors to live while receiving the medical care and assistance they need to have a higher quality of life than they could achieve alone. Unfortunately, many nursing homes fail in their duty of care to their residents, leaving residents to suffer the consequences. Nursing home negligence can destroy a senior’s quality of life if left unchecked.

If nursing home staff neglected you or a loved one, you might have the right to file a claim against the nursing home. Contact our Rockford nursing home negligence attorneys at Zayed Law Offices today to learn more.

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Zayed Law Offices: Persistently Pursuing Justice for Rockford Nursing Home Negligence Victims

At Zayed Law offices, we passionately, persistently pursue justice for Rockford nursing home patients who have suffered neglect at the hands of their caregivers. We believe that every senior has the right to experience a high standard of care when they enter a nursing home. When the nursing home staff fails in its duty of care to senior residents, we help our clients pursue justice, whether for themselves or their loved ones.

Handling a nursing home neglect claim on your own can be very difficult, especially if you find yourself struggling to collect necessary evidence or to articulate the actual losses your loved one has faced because of that neglect. At Zayed Law Offices, we guide our clients through filing a claim against a negligent nursing home and fight to help the victim pursue the justice they deserve.

We help our clients collect the evidence they need to establish negligence in a nursing home claim.

Nursing home neglect can take many shapes; proving that your loved one suffered neglect can be challenging. At Zayed Law Offices, we work with clients to help collect the proof they may need to file a claim against the nursing home. Our legal team knows how to gather evidence in many ways, such as documenting signs of neglect or speaking with medical experts who can establish how neglect hurts the victim.

We review the losses associated with nursing home neglect to establish the compensation our clients may deserve.

Many people do not realize how much compensation their family may deserve for nursing home neglect. The nursing home may try to avoid your case or get rid of you with a comparatively low settlement offer.

At Zayed Law Offices, we help Rockford nursing home neglect victims and their families take a comprehensive look at the financial losses they may have sustained due to nursing home neglect. This review might include the potential long-term impact of that neglect on the victim’s health and accompanying costs, for example, to help compile a comprehensive claim.

We help negotiate compensation for nursing home neglect in Rockford.

Negotiating for compensation after suffering neglect in a nursing home can seem incredibly difficult, whether you find yourself up against the nursing home’s insurance company or the nursing home. Frequently, victims who experienced neglect in a nursing home have difficulty advocating for themselves following a serious incident.

At Zayed Law Offices, we can advocate for nursing home neglect victims. Our team of experienced attorneys helps Rockford nursing home neglect victims by relentlessly seeking the compensation they deserve. We do not falter in negotiations and are ready to take cases to trial when necessary.

Even the best nursing homes can make bad mistakes when providing care. We are not intimidated by a nursing home’s reputation for quality or its reputation for fighting legitimate claims.

Among many other facilities in Rockford, we are not afraid to pursue claims against:

  • Fairview Nursing Plaza
  • River Bluff Nursing Home
  • River Crossing of Rockford
  • River Crossing of Rockford
  • Forest City Rehab

If one of those facilities, or any other on in Rockford, injured your or the loved one in their care, call us today. Let us help you.

Signs of Rockford Nursing Home Negligence

When your loved one resides in a nursing home, you expect them to receive excellent care. Sometimes, signs of neglect can be very subtle. You may not notice the neglect immediately, or you might write it off to staffing challenges or other temporary problems.

However, if you see ongoing signs of neglect in your loved one’s nursing home, you need to take action. If you feel your loved one is in danger, take steps to get them to a safe place immediately. Here are some common signs that nursing home staff may be neglecting your loved one:

You notice your loved one becoming withdrawn.

Withdrawal from loved ones is a red flag for many types of neglect or abuse, especially for seniors. Some seniors feel ashamed to speak out about neglect, and others may be unable to communicate. If you notice that your loved one does not want to interact with you when you visit or that your loved one suddenly reaches out less often, it could indicate that staff has neglected your loved one. Their withdrawal may signal that you need to investigate serious concerns with the nursing home.

Your loved one has unexpected or unexplained injuries.

Seniors may sustain injuries more easily than younger individuals and take longer to heal. However, nursing homes should reduce the risk of injuries by doing things like helping seniors in and out of bed or observing them in their daily activities. If your loved one regularly suffers from falls other preventable injuries, this might be a red flag. It could indicate that nursing home staff does not provide adequate care and attention to your loved one.

Your loved one suffers from malnourishment or dehydration.

Malnourishment and dehydration are critical signs that something has gone wrong with your loved one’s care. If your loved has any signs of malnourishment or dehydration, it could indicate that the facility has failed to provide adequate access to food and water. They may not ensure that your loved one has the help needed to eat or drink.

Your loved one shows a marked decrease in personal hygiene.

As many people age, they have more trouble taking care of basic hygiene tasks. Nursing home staff members may need to help with bathing or remind them to change into clean clothes. If you notice your loved one wearing the same clothing several days in a row or notice that your loved one smells or has noticeable stains on their clothing, you may have reason to wonder if the nursing home is helping your loved one take care of those essential tasks.

A bed-bound loved one develops bedsores.

Bedsores occur due to extended pressure on the skin, usually over bony areas. The risk of developing pressure sores may increase due to lack of mobility, especially if a senior gets confined to bed for a long time. Seniors may also have thinner skin, which may increase the risk of developing pressure sores if they do not move frequently. If your loved one often develops pressure sores or does not receive adequate treatment for those pressure sores, neglect may be the cause.

Your loved one experiences a decline in their overall medical condition.

Your loved one may have many medical conditions treated effectively by medication and other measures. Many seniors have health conditions to consider, but they control them with appropriate medications. Suppose your loved one had a condition that they managed well before entering the nursing home. If the nursing home staff failed to give your loved one their medication, causing their condition to worsen, you might have a neglect case.

Who Bears Liability for Nursing Home Negligence in Rockford?

When a senior enters a nursing home, they have the right to expect reasonable treatment and care. When a nursing home fails to meet that high standard of care, the nursing home may bear liability for the damages your loved one sustains due to that neglect.

However, in some cases, another entity may also bear liability for the neglect your loved one faced in the nursing home. These entities could include:

A Staffing Agency

Did a staffing agency supply the staff members who acted negligently? If so, the staffing agency may bear some liability for nursing home neglect.

Doctors Employed by the Nursing Home or Working With Your Loved One

If your loved one remains in a doctor’s care and commits medical negligence, the doctor may share liability for that neglect. A doctor may also share liability if they knew of the abuse but failed to report it.

Recovering Compensation Following Rockford Nursing Home Neglect

Dealing with neglect can cause a great deal of suffering and financial challenges. At Zayed Law Offices, we can help you comprehensively review your losses to estimate how much compensation you should seek. In a nursing home negligence claim, victims often seek compensation for the following:

Compensation for Related Medical Expenses

Nursing home neglect can cause medical problems. For example, the neglected individual may need emergency medical attention. Additionally, the neglect could trigger other medical events that require long-term, ongoing treatment. Carefully track all increased medical costs associated with the negligence. Doing so will help your lawyer compile the expenses for your claim.

Compensation for Moving Expenses

After neglect in a nursing home, some seniors need a higher level of care. Others may not feel comfortable or safe remaining in the nursing home. If your loved one has to move due to neglect in a nursing home setting, they may be able to recover compensation for moving expenses. In some cases, a senior who has to transfer to a new nursing home may also claim damages for the additional cost of a new nursing home or receiving more intensive care.

Why Nursing Home Negligence Occurs in Rockford

Nursing home negligence can occur for a variety of reasons, including:

Staffing Shortages

Some nursing homes struggle to keep adequate staff to deal with all the residents’ needs. Staffing shortages may make it very difficult to ensure every resident gets what they need and increase the risk of neglect.

High Turnover

Many nursing homes have high staff turnover rates. New employees may not understand all the patient’s needs. High turnover can also make it more challenging to keep up with individual duties since they may change regularly. Without proper instruction for new employees, high turnover can lead to negligence.

Poor Communication

A lack of communication between staff members can make it challenging to keep up with which residents have received certain types of care and which ones have not. Poor communication and charting can also make it more challenging to track the specific needs of residents, especially those who may have unique medical needs.

Deliberate Employee Negligence

In some cases, employees may fail to provide the high standard of care seniors need in a nursing home setting. Some employees may grow lazy over time or choose not to take on additional work despite knowing that the residents in their care will not receive the support they need.

Contact a Rockford Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer Today

Working with an experienced nursing home negligence attorney can help you learn more about seeking compensation if you suffered negligence in a Rockford nursing home. Contact Zayed Law Offices today at (815) 205-1519 for your free consultation.

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