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Medical malpractice cases are very similar to any other personal injury case.  In Illinois, one critical difference between medical malpractice cases and other personal injury cases is that a doctor must sign off on a document called a 2-622 report indicating that the lawsuit is meritorious.  We all rely on

It Wasn’t Me… You’ve been injured in an accident and the person who injured you says they’re not responsible. Sure, they were involved in the accident, but they were not the cause. They claim a third party set in motion the events that led to your injury. They don’t know

The Loss of a Loved One Losing a loved one shakes your world at its core. The pain is often intensified when their life was cut short by the actions of another. While nothing will bring your loved one back you can ensure justice is done. The attorneys of Zayed

Representing Yourself in Court The attorneys at Zayed Law Offices strongly recommend seeking legal counsel before beginning any legal action. Pro se is Latin meaning “for oneself” and is the legal term for representing oneself. If you decide to file a pro se action you will have to draft documents,

In Illinois, treatment you receive from a medical professional must meet a minimum standard of care. Your medical professional must act with the same degree of knowledge, skill, and ability as an ordinarily careful medical professional would under similar circumstances. If your treatment falls below this standard and you are

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