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The moments following an auto accident can be overwhelming. Accidents that last only a couple of moments can quickly derail your day, year, and even life. Rear-end collisions can be incredibly unpleasant, as they can happen out of nowhere on even the quietest residential streets. Although it can be hard

Personal injury attorneys have a variety of tools at their disposal to investigate trucking auto accidents. Few types of auto accidents are as complex and challenging to navigate as trucking accidents. Given the sheer size and power of commercial trucks, the potential for harm is massive, especially if the truck

This term is a key factor in determining if an Illinois medical practice case can move forward.  The term standard of care is used frequently in personal injury law, and for a good reason:  Proving whether or not a doctor violated the standard of care is a critical component of

Understand the care you’re owed–and what your rights are if they’re not honored Although they may not seem as immediately harmful as other medical personal injuries like surgical errors or improper prescriptions, getting an incorrect diagnosis is dangerous. If your doctor fails to identify the true cause of your illness

Medical malpractice cases are very similar to any other personal injury case.  In Illinois, one critical difference between medical malpractice cases and other personal injury cases is that a doctor must sign off on a document called a 2-622 report indicating that the lawsuit is meritorious.  We all rely on

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