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If you or a loved one were recently involved in a collision or car accident where the injured party was a pedestrian, then you may be able to sue for damages including associated medical expenses, future medical expenses, wage loss, future impairment, or loss of earning capacity, and current and future pain and suffering.

A qualified personal injury lawyer who has experience with pedestrian-motor vehicle accidents can help you determine the best next steps and how to file a lawsuit during the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident when you may be recovering from injuries and dealing with all of the stress, healing, and other repercussions of being in an auto wreck.

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Chicago Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

pedestrian accident attorney

Being hit by a car, truck, or another type of motor vehicle can be one of the most terrifying things you can experience.

Furthermore, the physical trauma can be devastating and leave you severely injured, paralyzed, or cause you to lose a limb. In the worst-case scenario, a pedestrian accident can lead to fatalities.

In the United States alone, there are over 100,000 traffic accidents every year that involve pedestrians who then suffer from serious injuries or even death as a result of these collisions.

If you become injured as the result of an accident that involved a motor vehicle while you were walking or being a pedestrian, then you may have a cause of action for a lawsuit.

By contacting a pedestrian accident lawyer or Chicago car accident lawyer with expertise in handling pedestrian accidents, you will be able to determine the parties at fault, which jurisdiction to file a lawsuit in, and how to recover damages and receive compensation for your injuries.

As a pedestrian, you have the right of way on the road.

Accordingly, if you are injured due to a collision with a motor vehicle, the driver of the vehicle has to compensate you for your injuries, medical bills, loss of current and future income, and emotional distress.

If your family member or loved one has passed away as a result of a pedestrian accident, then you may have grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit.

The pedestrian accident attorneys at Zayed Law Offices understand that pedestrians are not always given their legal right of way.

If you or a loved one were injured by a car, truck, or motor vehicle while walking down the street or while crossing at an intersection in Chicago or elsewhere in Illinois, you should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Our team is here to help you deal with the aftermath of a pedestrian accident or collision.

Fill out our form for a quick, free consultation and see how we can ensure that negligent drivers and their insurance companies do not divert the costs of their accidents to you.

Why Do I Need a Pedestrian Accident Attorney?


It is especially important that you work with an attorney who has knowledge of and experience with filing lawsuits involving pedestrians.

You may be eligible for compensation via the driver’s insurance provider and if they are uninsured or underinsured, your own policies may come into play.

A pedestrian accident attorney can advise you as to how best to recover in the event that the at-fault parties are uninsured or underinsured.

Why Are Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Different from Other Types of Accident Lawyers?

While you might hear the term “accident lawyers” to describe personal injury lawyers in regard to pedestrian accident cases and other accident-related lawsuits, if you were involved in a car accident as a pedestrian then you want to work with a personal injury lawyer who understands the specific complexities of pedestrian accident cases.

What Do Pedestrian Accident Attorneys Do?

Pedestrian-involved car accidents can be more complex than other typical car accidents because there are more parties at play.

In addition, not only do you have your insurance company and their insurance companies to deal with, but possibly also the insurance companies, lawyers, or other representatives from Uber, Lyft, or other rideshare providers.

Our experienced rideshare accident lawyers understand how to protect your rights and help recover fair compensation. 

Who is at Fault in a Pedestrian Accident?

pedestrian accident attorneys

The negligent or careless driver is always responsible for damages in a pedestrian accident.

Because pedestrians have absolutely no protection from serious injuries, they may have suffered in a car accident, the operator of the car, truck, bus, or other motor vehicle or vehicles involved is nearly always legally considered to be at fault in most circumstances.

There are several factors or reasons that lead to an increased risk of accidents involving pedestrians or people who are walking down the street or crossing at a qualified intersection.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Failing to yield the right of way to pedestrians
  • Failure to observe traffic signals
  • Inattentive driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Texting while driving
  • Intoxicated driving or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Elderly drivers

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Types of Injuries from Pedestrian Accidents Even at very low speeds, a car, truck, bus, or motorcycle can cause serious injuries to a person who is simply walking down the street or crossing at an intersection. Pedestrian accidents can cause devastating injuries, including but not limited to:
  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries
  • Severe head trauma
  • Brain injuries or traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Paralyzation
  • Spinal injuries
  • Nerve damage
  • Road burns or road rash
  • Amputation
  • Wrongful death

Brain Injuries and Spine Injuries from Pedestrian Accidents

Brain injuries or head injuries from pedestrian accidents can be incredibly devastating. Paralysis, mental and physical impairment and other trauma can result in an inability to work or loss of future income as well as reduced quality of life or reduced enjoyment of life. If you or a loved one suffered a brain injury or spinal cord injury as a result of being hit by a car, truck, motorcycle, or another motor vehicle while you were on foot, then contact a traumatic brain injury lawyer who has experience with pedestrian-involved accidents as soon as possible to make a claim and get the compensation you are legally owed.

Car Accidents Involving Pedestrians

If you or a loved one was hit by a car or other motor vehicle while walking down the street or crossing at a qualified intersection, you should hire a personal injury attorney with experience handling pedestrian accidents as soon as possible.

Truck Accidents Involving Pedestrians

Truck accidents involving pedestrians can be devastating or even fatal. If you or a loved one was hit by a truck or other large motor vehicle while walking down the street or crossing at a qualified intersection, you should hire a Chicago truck accident lawyer with experience handling pedestrian accidents as soon as possible.

When Do I Hire a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

pedestrian injury lawyer You should hire a pedestrian accident attorney as soon as possible after an accident during which you or a loved one have suffered injuries or damages but were not at fault. You may be owed compensation for those damages from the at-fault parties and have a cause of action for a pedestrian-involved car accident lawsuit. Dealing with insurance company representatives, the other driver or parties at fault, and other entities like after being involved in a car accident can be extremely stressful, especially if you are recovering from injuries sustained in the accident and dealing with the physical and emotional aftermath as well as the potential wrongful death of a family member or loved one. This is why you need to secure legal counsel in the form of a pedestrian accident lawyer who is established in Chicago and the surrounding area as soon as possible after you’ve been involved in a car accident or auto wreck where you or a family member were on foot and the at-fault party was operating a motor vehicle. What’s more, the longer it takes to investigate a given car incident, the more likely it is that evidence is literally washed away or destroyed, or people’s memories fade and eyewitnesses become less reliable. So, working with a motor vehicle accident attorney right away helps you get out in front of potential problems and ensure that you recover the compensation that you are owed from the driver at fault, their insurance carriers, and any other parties that be involved in your case.

Where Do I Hire a Chicago Pedestrian Accident Lawyer?

If you were involved in a car accident as a pedestrian in Chicago and you need a personal injury attorney because you were not at fault and suffered damages, then contact the experienced personal injury lawyers at Zayed Law Offices. It is important to seek legal counsel during the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident because insurance companies pay, on average, almost triple the original or established amounts in cases where the victim is represented by a lawyer. Therefore, it is essential to contact a collision lawyer or pedestrian accident attorney as soon as possible after an accident so that they have the best possible opportunity to track down any and all witnesses and investigate key evidence before it is purposefully or inadvertently destroyed. Furthermore, if you were the pedestrian and therefore not at fault, things can get even more complicated since more parties and large companies are involved. This makes it especially essential to engage the services of a personal injury attorney who has experience handling car accident cases that involve pedestrians soon as possible after your collision.

What Should I Do After a Pedestrian Accident?

If you or a loved one were the pedestrian involved in a car accident or motor vehicle collision in Chicago, Illinois, or elsewhere in the greater Chicagoland area, then you should hire a personal injury attorney who has experience handling cases where pedestrians were involved. They will handle all the details of filing a lawsuit and bringing it before a judge and jury or ensuring there is a satisfactory out-of-court settlement and everything in between. You should also document everything you can after an accident of any kind, including pictures and video of the scene, if possible, along with copies of any police reports, medical reports, bills or reports from first responders or other medical personnel, or any eye witness information and statements. Always seek medical attention if you were involved in a car accident as well, even if you feel fine at the time. Injuries like whiplash can take hours or even days to present and early treatment can mitigate long-lasting pain and suffering as well as provide records of the incident for a future claim.

What Does a Pedestrian Accident Attorney Do During a Lawsuit?

A pedestrian accident lawyer handles all the details of filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver and any insurance provider representing them and bringing it before a judge and jury or ensuring there is a satisfactory out-of-court settlement and everything in between.

Statute of Limitations on Pedestrian Accidents

In the state of Illinois, the time limit or statute of limitations for personal injury cases due to car crashes or motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians is 2 years from the date that the crash occurred. If a car accident victim or their family members (in the case of wrongful death) fails to file a lawsuit against the alleged negligent or at-fault party or parties within this 2 year window, they will be unable to recover the compensation they may deserve. Securing legal counsel as quickly as possible after being involved as a pedestrian in a wreck or collision with a motor vehicle is essential if you hope to recover damages.

Fatalities and Wrongful Deaths in Pedestrian Accidents

pedestrian injury attorney If you have lost a loved one in a car accident or motor vehicle accident where they were the pedestrian, you may have grounds or a cause of action for a wrongful death lawsuit. While no amount of money or financial recovery will ever fully assuage your grief, you have the right to compensation. Working with Chicago wrongful death attorneys who have experience in handling wrongful death cases where pedestrians were involved in Illinois can help you recover costs for medical bills, loss of income, loss of companionship, and pain and suffering. Navigating the complexities of car accident lawsuits and wrongful death lawsuits and ensuring that appropriate at-fault parties and their insurance companies pay the full settlement or damages owed is a job for a pedestrian accident lawyer, so if you believe you may have a motor vehicle accident wrongful death case involving a pedestrian, contact the personal injury attorneys at Zayed Law Offices as soon as possible.

How Much is a Pedestrian Accident Case Worth?

The average payout for a pedestrian accident lawsuit ranges from $15,000 to $75,000 for minor injuries like whiplash case or a broken bone case. That said, the payout for more severe injuries like spinal cord damage or a traumatic brain injury can be upwards of $1 million or more.

Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit Damages and Settlements

The value of a motor vehicle accident case involving a pedestrian getting hit by a car, truck, or another type of motor vehicle depends on the damages caused and the extent of harm incurred by the victim or victims. Under Illinois law, damages can be recovered or settlements made for a number of reasons, including but not limited to:
  • Disability due to injuries from the accident
  • Current or immediate medical bills
  • Future medical bills
  • Loss of earnings or wages (in the present)
  • Loss of earning capacity in the future (in the event of a disability or catastrophic injury, or wrongful death)
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage or destruction of your vehicle
  After being involved in a car accident as a pedestrian, you may have experienced significant discomfort, pain, injury, inconvenience, or catastrophic damage to your person such as the loss of a limb(s) or paralysis. You may have missed and may continue to miss significant amounts of work or may even no longer be able to work in your previous capacity. Motor vehicle incidents may even involve catastrophic injury or fatalities for the driver or their passengers, which could lead to a wrongful death lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit against the negligent parties and their insurance providers (if applicable) in a car accident is a way of recovering or recouping the loss or damages for the accident and ensuring that medical bills, loss of income, and other pain and suffering that occurred as a result of the accident are taken care of as best allowed by the Illinois and United States legal system. If you or a loved one were involved in a car accident as a pedestrian and you believe that you have a personal injury case and are owed damages, contact a pedestrian accident lawyer as soon as possible. We are here to assist you throughout the entire process.

Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit Trials

While a car accident or motor vehicle crash lawsuit case may be settled out of court for a monetary amount agreed upon by both the defendant and plaintiff and their lawyers, a pedestrian-involved auto wreck case may go to trial if a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached. Pedestrian accident lawsuits go to trial due to a number of reasons. For instance, if the vehicle operator or negligent party or parties are solely at fault but their insurance won’t acknowledge the fault of the policyholder, the case may be taken to trial to enable a judge and jury to decide if damages should be awarded and in what amounts.

What Should I Do During a Pedestrian Accident Trial?

pedestrian accident law firms One of the vital aspects of successfully navigating the complicated legal system during a pedestrian accident lawsuit or any other case is to avoid direct contact or outright accusations towards any party or their insurance provider, their associates, or any other entity that may be involved in the claim. Prior to bringing up a pedestrian accident lawsuit, be sure to request your or the victim’s medical records and consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer to review the records, investigate the claims, and get guidance as to your potential cause of action, appropriate jurisdiction to file a lawsuit, the party or parties at fault, and other details. All communication with the defendants or potential defendants during a pedestrian accident case should be through your attorney.

Our Pedestrian Accident Attorneys are Here to Help

At Zayed Law Offices, our first and foremost goal is to protect the rights of the injured. If you or a loved one have been a pedestrian in an accident with a car, truck, or another type of motor vehicle and you have questions about personal injury lawsuits or compensation, we can help you understand the associated legislation, precedents, and statutes. We can help you recover compensation for your medical bills and pain and suffering, help you understand how to pursue a personal injury case, and whether you have a cause of action to file a legal claim against the person or persons who caused your accident and any other parties who could potentially be at fault, such as their employer or institution they work for. We know that being hit by a car or otherwise being involved in a pedestrian accident can be a catastrophic and traumatic event that affects you, your family, and your career in many complicated and devastating ways. Furthermore, the effects of being the pedestrian in a motor vehicle accident can last for many years into the future, affecting your health, medical costs, current or future income, and even your family’s future if you lose earning capacity or the ability to care for yourself. What’s more, if you’ve lost a loved one to a pedestrian accident, a car crash, or a motor vehicle fatality, you deserve a settlement and to deal with the grieving process as best you can without the extra stress of dealing with insurance companies, the driver’s employer, and other third parties. All of the above reasons are why you should work with a personal injury attorney who has experience dealing with pedestrian accidents and the associated injuries from being hit by a car while you were on foot who can help you recover costs for pain and suffering, loss of earnings, loss of earning capacity, medical bills, disability, and emotional distress. Have you been in a car accident as a pedestrian or been hit by a car while you were on foot? Were you injured by a personal or commercial motor vehicle operator and need a pedestrian accident lawyer to help you sue for damages? We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your legal situation and help you determine the next steps. Please contact Zayed Law Offices in Chicago and schedule a free and confidential initial consultation by completing our short contact form. We’ll schedule a time that is convenient for you and please note that you will not pay lawyer’s fees unless we recover compensation for you and your family.

Hiring a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer In Chicago

Chicago Pedestrian Accident Lawyer, Adam Zayed

If you or a family member is struggling with the physical and financial consequences of being injured, the team at Zayed Law Offices can make all the difference in your claim for compensation.

We have a proven track record for helping pedestrian accident injury victims secure the resources they need for quality medical care and living a full life.

Call our Chicago offices now at (815) 726-1616 or contact us online for your free consultation. If we choose to work with each other, we will tirelessly investigate the case, explore all possible options for maximizing your claim, and hold the negligent parties accountable for your injuries.

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Chicago Pedestrian Accident FAQ

It is not something you prepare for or think will happen to you. Becoming a victim of a pedestrian accident in Chicago can leave you searching for answers and weighing your options to seek compensation for your losses. The lawyers at Zayed Law Offices want to help you fight for the compensation you may be eligible for under the law. We understand the challenges you are facing as a pedestrian victim and what can be necessary to reach a successful resolution. Contact Zayed Law Offices today to get started.

If you suffer harm because of the negligent actions of a driver while traveling on or near a roadway, the law grants you the right to pursue compensation when you sustain losses.

The basis for this recovery is the laws of negligence, whereby a party that causes injury to another is responsible for the consequences of those injuries. The law allows a victim that sustains any injury from a pedestrian accident, regardless of severity, to pursue the party at fault for money to pay for various losses.

In most cases, the driver that strikes you or causes you injury while on the road will carry vehicle insurance. Illinois law requires that all registered vehicles carry minimum liability coverage for an accident causing injuries to another.

Most drivers carry this minimum coverage, and some may carry higher limits to protect their investments. When a driver has insurance at the time of a pedestrian accident, it is often in the victim’s best interest, along with the help of their attorney, to go forward with an insurance claim before involving the court.

If a party at fault for your injuries does not carry valid coverage at the time of the pedestrian accident, they can be held personally liable for your losses. This means they may be directly responsible for your damages, and you must pursue compensation from the individual rather than through an insurer.

Striking a pedestrian is a serious matter, and a driver could even face criminal prosecution depending on the facts of the case. Due to the severe nature of a pedestrian accident and the fact that drivers may be apprehensive about involving the police, they might try to bargain with you to resolve the matter between you.

Under no circumstances should you agree to such an arrangement. In some cases, a driver may even attempt to flee the scene. You should always call the police from the scene of a pedestrian accident, no matter how minimal you believe your injuries might be.

It is not too late if you left the scene and did not call the police. The law allows you to file a police report as soon as possible. Call the police or go to the nearest police station for further instructions on completing the process.

You may think that proving they are at fault will be a breeze because a driver struck you, the pedestrian. While an investigation will scrutinize the driver’s actions, and they may even receive a traffic citation for the accident, that does not automatically mean an insurer will accept that they are entirely at fault.

Remember that an insurance company is not looking out for you or the insured. It is looking out for itself and preserving the company’s bottom line as best it can. If an insurer finds any evidence, they can use it against you or try to manipulate the facts to make it appear as though you or another party are somehow to blame.

They will do it to eliminate or reduce the money that you may be eligible for under the law. Having an attorney to represent you will lessen the likelihood that an insurer will try unscrupulous tactics and strategies to take advantage of you in the case. A lawyer can help you build your case and gather the support to prove who is at fault and the evidence to prove your damages.

Typically, when a traffic accident involving a pedestrian occurs, it is more often than not the driver's fault. For instance, while a pedestrian must proceed with caution and follow traffic laws, a motorist also has a duty of care that they owe to all those around them, including pedestrians nearby or that may be crossing the road ahead.

A quick drive around Chicago's busy streets will uncover drivers blocking crosswalks, running lights, and failing to yield or stop when necessary. This creates a dangerous and chaotic environment for pedestrians to travel safely to their destination. Even when you do everything right, one reckless driver can put you in harm's way.

The negligence of a motorist behind the wheel of a car is a public safety issue. They are a potential danger to anyone around them, including pedestrians. What negligence entails can look different in each pedestrian accident case. There are various ways a motorist can engage in dangerous behaviors in the moments leading up to a Chicago pedestrian accident.

Common causes of negligence by a driver in a pedestrian accident:

  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Failure to yield or follow traffic signs and laws
  • Speeding
  • Aggressive or reckless driving

While it may often be a driver’s action that causes an accident with a pedestrian, there are circumstances in which another party could share in the blame for your injuries. For example, if the driver is on the job or driving a company vehicle when an accident occurs, their employer may also be liable to you. Additionally, other factors on the roadways or in the path of a pedestrian can exacerbate injuries or contribute to the accident.

In these situations, there may be a third party not that has some fault in the injuries and damages you incur. For example, a Chicago pedestrian accident attorney can help you investigate the accident to uncover all potential parties that may have played a part in your injuries and, in turn, may be responsible for compensating you.

Factors that could contribute to a pedestrian accident:

  • Low visibility
  • Poor lighting
  • Insufficient crosswalks
  • Faulty traffic lights and signals
  • Poor maintenance of the pedestrian path

The most common question of pedestrian accident victims suffering from injuries is how much money can you seek in your claim or case? There is no definite answer about how much an insurance company might offer you. Still, an attorney can assist you with calculating the damages you sustained during and after a pedestrian crash.

Often, the factor that affects the amount of compensation the most is the severity of the pedestrian accident injuries to you and how those injuries will ultimately affect your life.

The more an injury interrupts your life, the higher the damages in your case might be. When an injury prevents you from working, enjoying the things you love, or simply meeting your day-to-day responsibilities, it is causing you personal and financial losses.

An insurance claim or lawsuit for pedestrian accident damages allows you to pursue economic and non-economic damages. Economic losses include medical expenses, rehabilitation, and loss of income. On the other hand, non-economic losses have personal impacts you feel, such as emotional, physical, and mental trauma, loss of quality of life, and disability.

The possibility of a trial in a personal injury court case arising from a pedestrian accident can scare off victims from seeking the help of a Chicago pedestrian accident attorney. However, there is no reason to hesitate to get help because a lawsuit might become necessary. Lawsuits are not nearly as common as resolutions through a settlement for a pedestrian accident.

If your attorney discusses the potential of a lawsuit with you, it is because it is in your best interest to go that route. While many cases reach a settlement agreed upon by all parties, it is not always possible. If an insurer challenges its liability or the amount of your losses, these grounds may require a court's decision to resolve fairly.

Rest assured that an attorney representing you in a pedestrian accident case in Chicago will first try to resolve through negotiations with an insurance company for a settlement that considers the scope of your losses.

If this approach is unsuccessful, proceeding with a trial in your pedestrian accident case may become necessary. If a trial becomes necessary, your lawyer will guide you through the process and help you understand what to expect.

The driver’s insurance company will call you soon after the accident. You may wonder whether you should talk to them and what you should say. The answer is that you should not speak with them at all until you have hired a Chicago pedestrian accident attorney. Once you hire a lawyer to represent you in the case, they will call the insurance company on your behalf and take the steps necessary to initiate the pedestrian accident injury claim.

It would be best if you did not speak with the insurance company as a pedestrian victim because it can jeopardize your case. For example, saying something erroneous or forgetting a detail of the accident could lead to a denial of your claim or a significant decrease in the compensation made available to you through a settlement offer. Insurers have experience dealing with claims daily and know how to catch a victim off guard and make statements that could ultimately harm you.

Rather than take action in a way that could harm your case, there are things you could do that can benefit you and help you through the process of filing a claim and preparing a lawsuit if necessary. Understanding your case and what you can do to have a potentially positive impact on the outcome is essential to make sure you do not overlook or ignore significant evidence or information.

Follow Your Treatment

Your pedestrian injuries will affect your life, whether a minor interruption or a major setback. Continuing to go to all of your medical appointment and following treatments advised by your doctor will help you heal and show the insurance companies that you are doing what is in your control to get better.

Gather Your Thoughts

As the pedestrian victim, your perspective is vital to the case. What you saw, what happened to you, and what you felt and experienced in the days and weeks after a pedestrian accident can be relevant to your case to help prove fault and the losses you sustained. Keeping a detailed journal of important information can help you move forward in your Chicago pedestrian accident matter.

Contact a Chicago Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Once the immediate urgency and chaos of a pedestrian accident begin to subside and you can take a moment to consider your options, your priority should be to contact a lawyer.

Call a Chicago pedestrian accident attorney at Zayed Law Offices at (312) 726-1616 for your free case consultation with a member of our legal team. We can answer any questions and discuss what compensation you might recover in your pedestrian accident case. Contact Zayed Law Offices today.

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