Contingency Fee Agreement

At Zayed Law Offices, we have never asked a client to pay a penny out of their pocket. You see our clients have been wronged due to negligence, and it is our mission to make them whole. Injury victims are at a keen disadvantage after a serious injury. Insurers and corporate interests have armies of attorneys on payroll, and they also have many billions of dollars deployed with the specific intent to defend, delay, and to potentially avoid ever paying their obligation.

The Contingency Fee Agreement is a truly wonderful tool that helps level the playing field between injury victim and the organized money of the insurance companies that carries the risk for perpetrators of negligence. The contingency fee agreement endows the victim to retain a powerful law firm like Zayed Law Offices, with all their experience and resources, with no money and only the promise of victory.

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What is a Contingency Fee?

A contingency fee is a fee for services that is payable only in the event of a positive outcome.  In the event that no recovery is made, there will be no fee for services.  You might have heard a slogan like, NO FEE UNLESS WE WIN!  That, more or less, is the contingency in a nutshell.

Sometimes prospective clients inquire about whether Zayed Law Offices is willing to work on an hourly basis.  Well, the answer is always: no.  First, hourly fees tend to create perverse incentivization.  For example, defense firms that work for insurance companies are typically interested in generating as many billable hours as possible to the detriment of the insurance company and the insured.  Second, typically injured persons cannot reasonably be expected to advance the tremendous (a) costs necessary to prosecute a complex personal injury case, nor (b) the attorney fees that would be involved.

What is a Contingency Fee?

Why Zayed Law Offices Exclusively Works on a Contingency Fee Basis?

Zayed Law Offices is a trial law firm, and our representation is predicated on trust, loyalty and fidelity.  The contingency fee agreement allows us to literally walk in the shoes of our client.  If our client doesn't get an award, we don't ask for a penny.  This arrangement serves to align the interests of client and law firm.

Another interesting component of our contingency fee work is the statistical underpinning.  From a 10,000 sq/ft view, Zayed Law Offices has represented thousands of injured clients.  At any given time, we are surely involved in hundreds of complex litigations.  Every case is extremely important, but the risk profile for any given case is different for attorney v. client.  For the client, their case is probably their only chance at justice.  Zayed Law Offices fights for maximum compensation, while clients may have less risk tolerance in this perspective.

Why Zayed Law Offices Exclusively Works on a Contingency Fee Basis?

Frankly, an experienced attorney is essential to provide guidance and strength to give the client the resolve not to take low offers.  Zayed Law Offices takes pride in ensuring the client's protection from potential loss whenever possible. Simultaneously, our core purpose is to litigate cases and prepare them for trial.  Trial, or the threat of it, ensures fair compensation. It's the only reliable path to receive complete compensation.  We prioritize clients' wishes while advocating for their right to seek full compensation in all cases.  Zayed Law Offices stands out for its commitment to integrity, virtue, and dedication to our clients.  Our team of lawyers fight for maximum compensation on behave of our clients.  Some firms don't have the resources, energy, drive or experience to fight for full compensation.  That is not a problem at Zayed Law Offices.

Questions About Your Referral?

If you have questions about retaining Zayed Law Offices on a contingency fee basis in connection with a complex personal injury, medical malpractice or wrongful death case, do not hesitate to call 855.726.1616 for a free, no-obligation, initial consultation.

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