Personal Injury Case Types We Accept

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Zayed Law Offices is a nationally respected team of personal injury attorneys with proven record of success.

Zayed Law Offices’ medical malpractice attorneys have won 100% of our client’ medical malpractice cases.

The Chicago car accident lawyers at Zayed Law Offices have set record awards for car accident cases and lawsuits.

The Chicago truck accident lawyers are Zayed Law Offices are ready to help 24/7 in the aftermath of truck accidents.

Zayed Law Offices can represent you or a loved one that has been a victim of nursing home elder abuse or neglect.

Our Chicago wrongful death attorneys are experts in lawsuits that provide compensation to families in the tragic event of a loved one.

Zayed Law Offices are experts in common bile duct injury lawsuits and represent injured victims of a bile duct cut during gallbladder surgery.

The Chicago birth injury lawyers at Zayed Law Offices represent victims that suffer from some of the most complicated birth injury cases.

Our Chicago slip and fall lawyers can help you understand the process of seeking compensation for the expenses and impacts of your slip and fall injury.