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Have you recently been injured or lost a family member in a commercial fire or explosion in Chicago, Illinois? If so, call Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys. You may be entitled to compensation to cover your medical expenses, make up for lost wages, and help you cope with the trauma you experienced. Our experienced Chicago commercial fire and explosion lawyers can help you maximize your recovery.

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How Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help After a Commercial Fire or Explosion in Chicago, IL

How Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help After a Commercial Fire or Explosion in Chicago, IL

Commercial fires and explosions tend to be way more catastrophic than a run-of-the-mill house fire. The consequences can be devastating, leaving victims struggling with debilitating burns and other life-changing trauma. 

Investigations into these types of events be time-consuming and costly. As a victim, you have the right to demand compensation for your losses. However, the insurance company will search for any reason to deny your claim, so getting the money you deserve can often be an uphill battle.

That’s where our Chicago personal injury lawyers can help.

At Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys, we understand that this fire or explosion has changed the course of your life. We also appreciate that you have one opportunity to seek compensation from those responsible for your tragic accident. We have the experience, resources, and winning strategies needed to help you win.

Count on us to:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation into your commercial fire or explosion with the assistance of trusted experts and specialists
  • Evaluate the accident report, medical records, property damage, structural damage, photographs of your injuries, video footage, and other evidence obtained through discovery
  • Determine what safety precautions the owner of the premises took to prevent accidents like yours
  • Identify OSHA safety violations, fire code violations, and fire hazards that may have contributed to the explosion or fire
  • Depose the property owner, witnesses to the accident, and other parties
  • Prepare and file all claims and supporting documentation with the insurance company and/or local court
  • Aggressively seek a top-dollar settlement during negotiations with the property owner and/or their insurance company
  • Help you decide whether it’s best to accept a settlement offer, counter, or reject it altogether
  • Bring your commercial fire and explosion lawsuit to a Chicago jury, if necessary

Our law firm is known for its determination, tenacity, and unrivaled ability to take on tough cases and win big for clients like you. Trust us to do everything in our power to help you get through this difficult time.

We represent fire and explosion victims on contingency. You pay nothing unless we win compensation for your case. Contact our law office in Chicago, IL, to learn more and set up a time for your free case evaluation.

How Common Are Commercial Explosions and Fires?

Every year, more than 37,900 commercial fires and explosions are reported nationwide. That’s about 101 fires or explosions on commercial properties every day. 

These include:

  • Fires and explosions in manufacturing plants and factories
  • Electrical fires
  • Nursing home fires and explosions
  • Lithium-ion battery fires
  • Commercial vehicle fires
  • Commercial kitchen fires
  • Food processing fires and explosions
  • Pharmaceutical explosions
  • Chemical industry explosions and fires

On average, 16 people are killed in commercial fires and explosions, while another 273 are injured. Property is also devastated by these fires and explosions, with annual costs averaging $1.2 billion.

Commercial fires have happened more often in recent years, particularly in factories. Between 2020 and 2021, factory fires increased by 129 percent.

How Much Money Is My Chicago Commercial Fire Accident Case Worth?

It depends. Several factors can potentially impact how much money you might be able to get if you’ve been injured in a commercial explosion or fire. 

  • What types of injuries did you suffer?
  • Are your injuries catastrophic?
  • Are you temporarily or permanently disabled?
  • Will you need long-term nursing care or medical treatment?
  • Have you been forced to miss time at work?
  • Has your income or earning capacity changed since the accident?
  • How has your quality of life changed?
  • How old are you?
  • Has the accident changed your life expectancy?
  • What out-of-pocket costs have you had?

The property owner and its insurance company will try to downplay your injuries and the ways in which the accident has changed your life. These tactics can affect the valuation of your claim or how much money you’re awarded when your case is resolved. 

Choosing Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys to advocate for you can help you get every cent you deserve. We’ll build a compelling legal claim backed by expert testimony and compelling facts. When it’s time to negotiate, we’ll force the defense to engage in meaningful conversations and do our best to obtain a result that genuinely reflects what your commercial explosion case is worth.

Commercial Fires and Explosions Can Cause Debilitating Injuries

At Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys, our commercial fire and explosion attorneys in Chicago are here to help you seek compensation for all of your injuries, including:

  • Severe burns
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Back injury
  • Amputation
  • Crush injury
  • Internal organ damage
  • Internal bleeding
  • Eye injury
  • Concussion
  • Smoke inhalation damage
  • Broken bones
  • Catastrophic injury
  • Wrongful death of someone you love

Burns are perhaps the most common consequence of an industrial fire or explosion. It’s important to seek treatment for your burns and other injuries immediately. Get to the closest emergency room in Chicago to get checked out. The sooner you seek treatment, the less likely it is you’ll experience complications. Additionally, you’ll generate a critical piece of evidence that helps to link your injuries to the fire or explosion.

Common Causes of Commercial Fires and Explosions in Chicago

Businesses in Chicago have an obligation to comply with a host of safety regulations, including worker safety protocols, inspection requirements, and fire codes established by the city, the State of Illinois, and/or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Unfortunately, these regulations aren’t always followed.  Companies might cut corners to save costs, putting the lives of their workers, guests, and bystanders in jeopardy.

Some of the most commonly cited causes of commercial fires and explosions include:

  • Combustible dust accumulates in equipment and causes friction
  • Improper storage or use of combustible gases and/or liquids
  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Overloaded electrical outlets
  • Faulty kitchen equipment
  • Defective equipment
  • Heating malfunctions
  • Discarded cigarettes

Intentional misconduct, or arson, is also a leading cause of commercial fires and explosions. 

Knowing the underlying cause of your commercial fire or explosion is critical to the success of your legal claim for damages. Our Chicago commercial fire and explosion attorneys will carefully dig into the details of your case to identify the precise cause(s). Once we know the cause, we can identify why the fire or explosion occurred and determine who’s responsible.

What Types of Damages Are Available in a Commercial Fire and Explosion Lawsuit?

Filing a commercial fire and explosion lawsuit in Chicago can give you the opportunity to seek compensatory damages from an insurance company or negligent party.

Compensatory damages include both economic and non-economic awards.

Economic damages help to cover accident-related costs and expenses, such as:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Rehabilitation
  • Disability
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Temporary lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Nursing assistance
  • Funeral expenses

Non-economic damages help to compensate for harder-to-value losses and suffering, such as:

If your commercial fire and explosion lawsuit goes to trial, punitive damages can also be awarded. In Illinois, punitive damages are allowed when there’s evidence that the defendant set a fire intentionally or showed a reckless disregard for your safety.

How Long Do I Have To Sue After I’m Injured in a Commercial Fire in Chicago, Illinois?

In Illinois, you’ll typically have two years from the date of your accident to file a commercial fire and explosion lawsuit.

Once the two-year statute of limitations expires, you will lose the opportunity to seek compensation for your considerable financial losses and personal suffering.

However, note that there are exceptions for some cases. Protect yourself by contacting our top-rated legal team for help right away.

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Were you recently injured because of a fire or explosion at a factory, manufacturing plant, or another type of commercial property in Chicago, Illinois? Accidents like these tend to happen when important safety regulations aren’t followed. Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys can help you hold them accountable and fight for the life-changing monetary award you deserve.

Our Chicago commercial fire and explosion lawyers have decades of experience handling complex legal claims like yours. We’re ready to go toe-to-toe with the insurance company and negligent business to help you come out on top.

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