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If you were involved in a bicycle accident in Chicago, IL, you’re likely struggling with painful injuries that prevent you from working. With costly medical treatment and other expenses piling up, you may feel overwhelmed. 

If another individual’s carelessness led to the bicycle crash, they should be held accountable for their medical bills, lost income, physical pain, and emotional suffering. A dedicated Chicago personal injury attorney at Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys will help you pursue the financial recovery you deserve. 

We have decades of combined experience and consistently receive national recognition for our legal services. Our team has helped injured clients receive tens of millions of dollars after boating accidents, wrongful death claims, Chicago child injury cases, bus accidents, dog bite injuries, and other life-changing accidents. We’ll use our skills and vast resources to obtain compensation for the full extent of your damages. 

Call our law firm at (312) 726-1616 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Chicago bicycle accident lawyer. We’ll provide an honest assessment of your case and preliminary legal advice regarding the best path forward.

How Can an Attorney Help Me After a Bicycle Accident in Chicago, IL? 

How Can an Attorney Help Me After a Bicycle Accident in Chicago, IL? 

After a bike accident, you should focus on your health. Unfortunately, taking on a legal battle involves significant time and effort. You must calculate and prove the value of your case and engage in negotiations, likely with an aggressive insurance adjuster. This can all be daunting when dealing with injuries. 

An attorney will handle every aspect of your claim, allowing you to recuperate and direct your full attention to your well-being. 

If you hire Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys after a bicycle accident in Chicago, Illinois, we’ll help by: 

  • Investigating what caused your cycling accident and identifying all responsible parties
  • Gathering evidence and consulting experts as necessary to build a solid case
  • Calculating the value of your current and future economic and non-economic damages
  • Negotiating with insurance companies, defense attorneys, and other parties for a fair settlement
  • Representing you at trial in Cook County if the opposing party refuses to settle in good faith

Contact our Chicago law office to discuss your bicycle accident and learn how else we can help you recover the compensation you need. We provide a free initial consultation and take cases on a contingency fee basis – meaning you owe nothing upfront to speak to a knowledgeable attorney and retain representation.

How Common Are Chicago Bicycle Accidents? 

The Illinois Department of Transportation reported 2,322 statewide collisions involving pedalcyclists in 2021. They caused 35 fatalities and 2,112 injuries, 299 of which were classified as severe injuries, such as abdominal, chest, or skull injuries.

Chicago accounted for 1,081 of the state’s bicycle accidents in 2021 – or nearly 47% of the accidents. These bike crashes caused 11 fatalities and 993 injuries. 

What Causes Most Bicycle Crashes in Chicago, IL? 

Bicycle accidents typically result from someone’s negligent actions, whether it’s a motor vehicle driver, cyclist, or pedestrian. 

The following are some of the most common causes of bike accidents in Chicago: 

  • Distracted driving or cycling
  • Bicycling or driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs
  • Speeding
  • Failing to yield the right-of-way
  • Dangerous or illegal turns
  • Failing to follow traffic signs or signals
  • Failure to maintain lane
  • Passing a bicycle too closely
  • Dooring
  • Aggressive driving
  • Failing to use dedicated bike lanes or infrastructure
  • Driving or cycling while tired
  • Failing to wear reflective clothing while bicycling

Sometimes, other factors can lead to dangerous bicycle accidents. For example, a road defect, such as a deep pothole or malfunctioning traffic signal, could contribute to a crash. It’s essential to determine every potential contributing factor to identify the appropriate at-fault parties.

How Much Is My Chicago Bicycle Accident Case Worth? 

The value of your personal injury claim depends on your unique circumstances. There isn’t a standard amount because all victims are different, and each accident presents a new set of facts. 

When we’re calculating your bicycle accident damages, our Chicago personal injury attorneys will evaluate the following factors: 

  • Your injuries, their severity, and how they impact your overall quality of life now and in the future 
  • The cost of your past and future medical treatment and other expenses 
  • Your lost income and ability to earn a living after your bike accident
  • The pain and psychological trauma you’ve endured
  • Whether you’re partially responsible for the bike crash
  • The parties involved in your Chicago bicycle accident claim

If the accident left you permanently impaired or disabled, your case will likely be worth a substantial amount of money. You will need to include the cost of your future healthcare needs in your damages. Depending on your life expectancy, this can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. 

What Damages Are Available To Chicago Bicycle Accident Victims? 

Chicago bicycle accident victims can seek financial recovery for their financial losses and the physical and emotional impact of the incident. 

Economic damages represent your monetary losses, such as: 

  • Medical expenses
  • Future medical costs for things like physical therapy, rehabilitation, and ongoing care
  • In-home assistance
  • Lost wages and employment benefits
  • Reduced future earning potential
  • Property damage, including the cost to repair or replace your bike
  • Reasonable out-of-pocket expenses

Non-economic damages are harder to quantify because they’re personal to you and your situation; they may include:

  • Emotional distress, such as anxiety or depression
  • Pain and suffering
  • Chronic pain
  • PTSD
  • Inconvenience
  • Diminished enjoyment of life

Our Chicago bicycle accident attorneys can identify these and other damages you may have suffered. We’ll accurately assess the value of your case and fight for every penny you’re entitled to under Illinois law.

Can I Still Recover Compensation If I Share Blame for a Bicycle Accident in Chicago, Illinois? 

The answer to this question depends on your percentage of fault. Illinois employs a modified comparative negligence law that prevents monetary recovery if your portion of responsibility exceeds 50%. 

If your percentage of blame is 50% or less, your awarded compensation will be reduced proportionately. For example, an Illinois court finds that you were 20% at fault for your bike accident. Accordingly, you’d receive 80% of your awarded damages.

Unfortunately, insurance companies know about this rule – and they often use it to their advantage to reduce a victim’s payout. Contact our bicycle accident lawyers in Chicago for help if you’re being blamed for your crash. We won’t let anyone get away with shifting unfair blame to you.

Common Injuries Sustained in Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists often suffer severe, catastrophic injuries when they’re involved in car accidents, fall from their bikes, or collide with fixed objects. 

At Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys, our experienced personal injury lawyers have helped accident victims who have sustained: 

In the most tragic bike collisions, a victim may lose their life. If you lost a loved one, we can help you pursue a wrongful death claim against the liable party.

How Do I Prove My Bicycle Accident Claim in Illinois?

Bicycle accident cases typically require the victim to prove that the other party was negligent. 

Negligence consists of four distinct legal elements: 

  • The at-fault individual owed you a duty of care. For example, Illinois drivers owe everyone sharing the road a responsibility to drive safely and follow traffic laws.
  • The at-fault individual breached their duty of care by failing to exercise reasonable caution and diligence. If they were speeding, for example, they breached their duty
  • The at-fault individual’s carelessness directly caused the bicycle accident and your injuries. 
  • You sustained damages, such as medical expenses, as a result. 

The following types of evidence may be used to prove the elements of your Illinois bicycle accident case: 

  • Police report
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Surveillance footage that may have captured the accident
  • Photos and videos of the bicycle accident scene
  • Your medical records
  • Employment records and pay stubs to prove lost wages 
  • Expert witness opinions

Our personal injury attorneys in Chicago will collect evidence proving liability and the value of your damages.

How Long Do I Have To File an Illinois Bicycle Accident Lawsuit? 

Illinois law provides a deadline that limits the amount of time you have to file a personal injury lawsuit. You typically have two years from the crash date to file a bicycle accident case. In the event of a fatal accident, you must file an Illinois wrongful death lawsuit within two years of the victim’s date of death.

Exceptions to the statute of limitations could apply. If you miss the applicable deadline, the court will prevent you from recovering compensation from the at-fault party. Contact our personal injury lawyers in Chicago to preserve your legal rights.

Schedule a Free Case Assessment With Our Experienced Chicago Bicycle Accident Lawyers 

Did you sustain injuries in a bicycle accident in Chicago? If it resulted from another party’s actions, you may be able to hold them financially responsible for your damages. 

Contact Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys today to discuss your personal injury case with an experienced bicycle accident attorney in Chicago, IL. We’ll listen to your story, explain your options, and provide honest guidance throughout the process. We offer a free, no-obligation consultation, so call now to schedule yours.

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