A Primer on Medical Malpractice Cases in Illinois

Medical malpractice cases are very similar to any other personal injury case.  In Illinois, one critical difference between medical malpractice cases and other personal injury cases is that a doctor must sign off on a document called a 2-622 report indicating that the lawsuit is meritorious.  We all rely on doctors for medical treatment.  No Plaintiff lawyer wants to unnecessarily scrutinize good doctors.  That being said, there is a concept in medicine called the “standard of care.”  All doctors must adhere to the standard of care.  When a treating physician gives treatment that does not meet the standard of care, that doctor may very well have committed malpractice.  Now, as previously stated, one cannot simply file a lawsuit for treatment that failed to meet the standard of care, a licensed physician has to sign off on the case. 

When attorneys at Zayed Law Offices work with expert physicians to review potential cases of medical malpractice, we and our experts are typically looking for situations where the breach of the standard of care was egregious.  Of course we are looking our for people, clients, victims, but we are only interested in cases where we can truly make a difference for our clients and where expert physicians are essentially lining up to testify that the conduct of the defendant doctor is shocking.

Sometimes members of the public are skeptical of medical malpractice cases, but in virtually every case filed by Zayed Law Offices, we are confident we can prove that our clients were victims, that the defendants breached the standard of care in egregious ways, and that our clients are deserving of a substantial recovery.

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