If you are injured in an accident and seek compensation for your injuries, one of the first persons you will have to deal with is the insurance adjuster. An insurance adjuster works for the insurance company assessing claims. The adjuster evaluates property damage and personal injuries after an accident to determine how much each claim is worth and what the insurance company should offer to settle your claim.

Once the adjuster determines a reasonable value that the insurance company should pay for your claim, they will employ various tactics to convince you that your claim is worth much less than the value at which it was actually appraised. They will try to convince you that settling your claim as soon as possible is in your best interest.

By getting you to settle your claim at an understated value, the insurance adjuster saves the insurance company from litigation and pays you a fair amount to compensate you for your injuries and losses. 

Will My Insurance Adjuster Advocate for My Best Interest When Settling My Claim?

Will My Insurance Adjuster Advocate for My Best Interest When Settling My Claim?

No.  If you have to negotiate your accident claim with an insurance company, always remember that the insurance adjuster is not trying to settle your claim in a way that benefits you. Instead, the adjuster is trying to settle your claim in a way that benefits the insurance company. Although your insurance adjuster may be friendly, charming, and willing to work hard on your case, they definitely are not looking out for your best interests. 

If you have never filed an insurance claim before, it is normal to think that the insurance adjuster assigned to process your claim will help you. After all, the adjuster seems anxious to evaluate your damages and already appears willing to pay you money during this stressful, difficult, confusing time. However, if you know what to look for, you may find that the adjuster is just a little too willing to settle your case. 

Insurance Adjusters in Illinois Do Not Need a License

Illinois is one of only several states in which an insurance adjuster (other than a public adjuster) is not required to be licensed. This means that an insurance adjuster does not have to take a course of specialized instruction or pass a state licensing exam to work in the industry. 

Insurance Adjusters Work for the Insurance Company, Not You

When you file an insurance claim to be compensated for injuries after an accident, the insurance company will assign an adjuster who will seem very anxious to settle your claim for you. They will tell you that their job is to get you paid so you can fix your car or pay your medical bills, etc. You may even get the impression that the insurance adjuster is actually on your side. They are not.

The insurance adjuster does not work to protect your rights, like a private attorney, or advocate for your best interests, like a personal injury lawyer. The insurance adjuster is a paid employee of the insurance company whose sole job is to save the insurance company money by denying or undervaluing your claim. Your insurance adjuster is not your legal representative. 

Insurance Adjusters Are Trained to Minimize Your Damages

Insurance adjusters are good at what they do. Insurance companies pay adjusters a lot of money because adjusters save them a lot of money. 

Adjusters employ a variety of manipulations to get you to settle your case for less than its actual value and to get you to feel good about doing it. 

Here are some of the tricks insurance adjusters will employ:

  • Insurance adjusters will try to blame you
  • Insurance adjusters will estimate your damages 
  • Insurance adjusters will encourage you to settle your claim quickly

Insurance Adjusters Are Not Invested in Your Recovery

When an insurance adjuster is first assigned to your case, they will be accessible, responsive to your inquiries, and anxious to assist you in settling your claim. But they are not invested in making sure your settlement is enough to cover your medical bills, treatment costs, prescriptions, or rehabilitation so that you may fully recover, both physically and financially. Your adjuster’s only concern is saving the insurance company money by undervaluing your damages and settling your case quickly.

Insurance Adjusters Don’t Want You to Hire a Lawyer

Not everyone needs an attorney to settle a personal injury claim. However, you can hire an experienced personal injury attorney to fight back on your behalf and protect your right to the maximum financial settlement that you deserve. 

Even if you are prepared to work with your insurance adjuster to settle your claim on your own, let the adjuster know that you are not willing to negotiate or settle your claim until you:

  • Confer with (or hire) a lawyer;
  • Have undergone a full medical evaluation of your injuries and have been fully diagnosed;
  • Have received estimates to fix your damaged property;
  • Have assessed the legal value of your injuries and other damages; and 
  • Respond with a counteroffer.  

Insurance adjusters play a critical role in the process of settling personal injury claims. If you undertake to negotiate and settle your claim with your insurance adjuster without hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer, remember that the insurance adjuster does not represent your interests. 

A Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Can Handle Communications and Negotiations With the Insurance Adjuster

If you or a loved one have been in an accident, our Chicago personal injury lawyers at Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys can help. You need a personal injury lawyer to turn the tables on insurance adjusters and protect your interests. Let your legal team deal with the insurance adjusters to obtain the maximum compensation you deserve so that you can focus on your recovery.  Contact us today at (312) 726-1616.