Many families work hard to select the ideal nursing home for an aging loved one. With the high senior population in Aurora, it may come as little surprise that residents have plenty of options to choose from, including Plymouth Place, Elmwood Terrance Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Jennings Terrace Assisted Living, and North Aurora Care Center. You might assume that each nursing home will provide a reasonable standard of care to you or a loved one.

Unfortunately, some nursing homes may not provide the high standard of care their senior residents deserve. When you or a loved one suffers negligence in a nursing home, you need an Aurora nursing home negligence attorney to help. Contact Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys today at (630) 528-0133 to learn more about your right to compensation.

Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys: Help for Aurora Nursing Home Negligence Victims

Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys stands as a trial law firm. We take on some of the most complicated injury claims throughout Illinois. As a result, we have the resources to help stand up against some of the biggest-name nursing homes in Aurora, including those like Jennings Terrance Assisted Living or Plymouth Place.

We help the playing field following nursing home negligence in Aurora.

If you suffered nursing home negligence in Aurora, you may feel at a distinct disadvantage. Seniors often feel vulnerable, without the resources they need to take on the big nursing homes that may have committed those devastating acts of negligence against them.

At Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys, we help level the playing field. You will receive the ongoing support and comprehensive legal advocacy needed to effectively manage your claim and pursue the total compensation you may deserve.

We demand that the nursing home’s insurance company compensate you for the losses you may have faced.

Following nursing home negligence in Aurora, you may find yourself dealing with several damaging complications and ongoing losses. You may lose your health or find that you cannot participate in many activities you once enjoyed. Legally, you may have the right to substantial compensation for those losses and challenges.

At Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys, we aim to help you recover as much compensation as possible for those damages.

Not only does Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys have a convenient office on N. Farnsworth Avenue, near O’Donnell Elementary School and Dunkin’, but we also make it easy for our clients to gain access to us and our services. If you cannot come into the office yourself for any reason or prefer to remain at a distance to protect against illness, you can connect with us for a virtual consultation.

Do you need to move forward with an Aurora nursing home negligence claim? Contact Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys as soon as possible to discuss your claim.

Compensation You May Recover Following Nursing Home Negligence in Aurora

Dealing with negligence in a nursing home can become incredibly costly. How much compensation can you recover for those acts of negligence?

Many factors may influence the compensation you can ultimately recover for the damages you sustained due to a negligent nursing home, including:

  • How long the neglect lasted
  • What injuries you suffered from the neglect
  • What insurance policy covers the nursing home and will likely offer compensation for your injuries

At Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys, we cannot guarantee the compensation you will ultimately recover for nursing home negligence in Aurora. However, we can look at the losses you faced because of your nursing home’s negligent care and make it easier to compile a comprehensive claim that reflects the losses you may have sustained.

Compensation for Your Medical Bills

Nursing home negligence can cause a variety of problems. Bedsores or pressure ulcers may crop up and quickly grow unmanageable or create worsening symptoms. You may lose control of conditions like congestive heart failure or diabetes, which you previously managed relatively well with adequate medication. You may even suffer severe injuries due to your nursing home’s negligence in caring for you. Fall injuries, including broken bones and brain injuries, may occur when a nursing home does not adequately observe a patient who suffers from a higher fall risk.

Take a look at what medical expenses you have sustained because your nursing home failed to provide you with the high standard of care you deserved. At Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys, we can help you look at the medical costs that resulted directly from that negligence, from the cost of getting existing medical conditions back under control to the cost of treating new injuries.

Compensation for Moving Costs

In many cases, nursing home neglect will result in the patient needing to move to a new nursing home. Many seniors cannot remain in a nursing home where they will continue to suffer from immense neglect, especially if they have decreased their physical condition due to those negligent actions. Others may need to move to a nursing home that offers a higher standard of care due to their new medical needs after suffering serious neglect.

At Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys, we help fight to get our clients compensation for those moving costs. Moving costs occur because of the nursing home’s negligent care, and the nursing home should take responsibility for those financial losses.

Aurora Nursing Home Negligence

Aurora has a high senior population, with approximately 9.1 percent of its residents over 65. That means several people in Aurora who need nursing home care as they age, and many nursing homes that fill the needs of those residents.

Unfortunately, due to ongoing shortages in nursing home staff members, it can be challenging for nursing homes in this area to provide an adequate standard of care to all the seniors who need them. As a result, some seniors may simply fall through the cracks, unable to receive the care they need. Stressed, overworked nursing home staff members may have difficulty providing that standard of care.

Nursing home neglect can occur for several other reasons, too.

  • Negligent staff members may simply fail to provide patients with the care they deserve. Staff members may prefer to spend their time on other things rather than taking care of the needs of patients.
  • Nursing homes may not have clear communication methods, making it very difficult for staff members to ensure that everyone receives the care they need and that no patient misses out on vital care or treatment.
  • Nursing home staff members may not receive adequate onboarding and training when they first sign up, especially during shortages.
  • Nursing homes may not offer adequate training to their staff, which may lead to a higher rate of negligence because workers do not know what level of care they need to provide.

Ultimately, the Aurora nursing home where the negligence occurred typically bears liability for any damages sustained by the injured senior.

Common Nursing Home Neglect Injuries

Nursing home neglect can lead to several devastating injuries, including:

  • Fall injuries
  • Bedsores
  • Unmanaged medical conditions
  • Dehydration
  • Malnutrition

You could file a claim if you sustained complications or losses due to nursing home negligence in Aurora.

Dealing With the Insurance Company After Neglect in an Aurora Nursing Home

Nursing homes rarely want to admit that neglect occurred on their watch, particularly when it involves serious injury or medical complications for a patient. Not only that, the insurance company that covers the nursing home may not want to pay out any compensation. You may find yourself fielding too-low settlement offers or fighting to get the company to accept liability for your losses.

At Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys, we have the resources to help fight the insurance company and get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. We can help take on the insurance company and big-name nursing homes to help your family obtain as much compensation as possible for your losses.

What to Do After Nursing Home Neglect in Aurora

Do you suspect a loved one has suffered neglect in an Aurora nursing home? Do you have questions about managing the quest for compensation following those losses? Your loved one should always receive medical attention as soon as possible. A doctor can rule out further conditions and make it easier to establish what your loved one may need to recover.

Then, protect your loved one’s right to compensation and assistance.

  • Document any observations relating to neglect. Often, that documentation can help you establish whether your loved one has suffered from neglect, especially in cases where you might not know upfront what your loved one may have suffered.
  • Contact an attorney to learn more about your loved one’s rights and the steps you may need to take to protect your right to compensation.
  • Make sure your loved one continues to receive all needed care.
  • Report signs of neglect to the nursing home staff or board. Sometimes, the staff will take steps to improve your loved one’s overall quality of care.

Dealing with nursing home neglect can feel incredibly traumatic. An attorney, however, can work with you to help provide your loved one with much-needed legal support. At Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys, we help our clients fight for the full compensation they deserve.

Aurora Nursing Home Negligence FAQs

If a nurse or staff member neglects my loved one in a nursing home, who bears liability for that neglect?

Generally, the nursing home will bear negligence for any act of neglect that takes place in the nursing home. Nursing home negligence can occur for several reasons, including understaffing concerns and inadequate training. Even if the nurse commits the act of negligence directly, the nursing home should have checks and balances in place to help prevent negligence and ensure that other care providers note any complications a patient may have due to ongoing negligence.

Nursing homes may sometimes use staffing companies or outside providers to fill open positions, especially during staffing shortages. In those cases, the staffing company may sometimes bear liability for the negligent actions of a care provider.

What constitutes nursing home neglect in Aurora?

A nursing home may neglect the people in its care when the nursing home fails to provide for the patients’ needs. That means ensuring that patients receive the support and medical care they need and help with bathing, toileting, eating, and drinking when needed. A nursing home that fails to provide those supports may bear liability for any damages sustained by the patients during that time.

How do I know if my loved one has suffered from neglect in an Aurora nursing home?

Catching neglect can prove critical to ensuring your loved one’s overall quality of life.

You may notice signs of neglect that impact your loved one’s overall care, including:

  • Lack of hygiene. Your loved one may wear the same clothes too regularly, including clothing with noticeable stains or smells, or may start to smell due to a lack of bathing.
  • Sudden weight loss.
  • Dehydration.
  • Health conditions growing increasingly unmanaged when previously, your loved one easily took care of that condition with medication or other necessary steps.
  • Withdrawal. Many seniors withdraw when suffering from neglect from a caregiver.

Any time you suspect neglect, you may want to investigate further. Document any signs of neglect and check in with your loved ones regularly to ensure they receive the care they deserve.

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