What Should I Do If I Was Injured At the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, IL?

A trip to the Lincoln Park Zoo is a great way for Chicago locals and visitors alike to spend a day in the city. However, if the zoo premises are not properly maintained, it can lead to serious injuries to visitors.

The zoo owners have certain obligations to visitors on their property. If you’re injured at the zoo as a result of the zoo owners’ or their employees’ negligence, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries through a premises liability or other personal injury claim.

Below, we’ll discuss the most common injuries that occur at zoos and how to seek compensation for your injuries if you’re injured while visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo

How Might Injuries Occur At Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo?

If you’re injured while visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo, you may be able to recover compensation if the zoo owners were negligent. Here are four types of personal injury claims that may arise while visiting a zoo. 

Slip and Fall Accidents

One of the most common premises liability claims that may occur at a zoo is a slip and fall accident. These may cause broken bones, head or neck injuries, bruises, and more. 

Defective Equipment

If zoo equipment such as tables, chairs, rides, railings, or playground equipment is not properly inspected and maintained, it may lead to injuries.

Food Poisoning 

A zoo visitor could become seriously ill if they suffer food poisoning after eating from one of the zoo’s restaurants or food vendors. 

Injuries Caused by Zoo Animals

Fortunately, this type of accident is much rarer than the other types of accidents that may occur at the zoo. However, they do happen sometimes and can cause serious injuries. An animal may cause an injury to a zoo visitor if their enclosure is not secure, allowing a visitor to enter the enclosure or the animal to escape.

What Steps Should You Take If You’re Injured At the Lincoln Park Zoo?

If you were injured at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, you should take immediate steps to protect your health and any potential claim for compensation, including:

Seek Immediate Medical Attention

Seek prompt medical treatment for any apparent injuries. If you don’t have any obvious injuries or you don’t think they are serious, you should still seek medical attention as soon as possible after your accident. This will help detect any latent injuries and will also help avoid disputes about the cause of your injuries with insurance companies. 

Take Photos

Take photos of the area where the accident occurred. If you’ve been seriously injured, this should not be your immediate focus. However, if you’re able to, take photos and videos of relevant details. 

Gather the Names of Witnesses

Get the names and contact information of any witnesses who saw the accident occur so that they can be contacted later for a statement.

File an Accident Report

You should report to the zoo administration as soon as possible that the accident or injury occurred. This puts the zoo on notice that you may be pursuing a claim for compensation and also allows them to correct any dangerous condition on their property for the safety of others. Just share the basic facts of what occurred.

Hire an Attorney

Hire an experienced Chicago personal injury attorney as soon as possible after your zoo accident. They will inform you of any other steps you need to take right away, contact the insurance company about your claim, and keep your case on track.

Contact a Chicago Premises Liability Attorney for a Free Consultation If You Were Injured At the Lincoln Park Zoo

If you were injured during a visit to the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Illinois, reach out to our experienced Chicago personal injury lawyers to discuss your potential claim. We’ll help you fight for compensation for all of your accident-related injuries. 

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