Chicago Emergency Room Error Lawyer

Emergency rooms are often the scene of fast-paced action. Overcrowded with patients who need quick attention, our Chicago emergency room error lawyers understand how quickly things can go wrong. 

Emergency room medical staff are trained to deal with chaos and confusion, but they can still make costly mistakes. When those mistakes are due to negligence and leave patients in a worse condition than when they came in, Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys is here to help. 

If you were harmed due to an emergency room error in Chicago, IL, call our law office at (312) 726-1616 for a free case evaluation. We have the experience to determine if it was the result of negligence or unavoidable circumstances. You could be entitled to a significant financial recovery, so schedule your consultation today to learn more about your legal rights and options.  

How Our Chicago, IL Medical Malpractice Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been the Victim of an Emergency Room Error    

How Our Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyers Can Help If You’ve Been the Victim of an Emergency Room Error   

Due to ER crowding, rapid patient prioritization and pressured medical decisions are crucial. Given the frenetic pace under which medical staff sometimes operate in emergency rooms, not every error is negligence. Still, as with all medical professionals, they must do their jobs within a reasonable standard of care.    

Negligent emergency room errors can result in devastating injuries that demand a serious legal response. With years of handling complex medical malpractice cases under our belts, our Chicago personal injury lawyers have a proven record of getting justice for our clients. 

If you hire us for help after an emergency room error in Chicago, Illinois, we’ll:

  • Investigate the conduct that injured you to determine liability
  • Calculate your damages
  • Consult leading medical experts and specialists
  • Negotiate on your behalf and represent you in court if necessary

With Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys in your corner, you’re getting aggressive settlement negotiators and fearless trial attorneys. Insurance companies must negotiate fairly or we’ll go to court and share your story with a jury for our clients.

If an emergency room error has turned your life upside down, you have certain legal rights. Talk to our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys to find out how we can help you assert those rights. 

What Contributes to Emergency Room Errors in Chicago, IL? 

Often, emergency rooms are the first line of defense in treating seriously injured or ill patients. The number of patients emergency rooms see each year is staggering. In 2020, over 131 million people visited U.S. emergency rooms.  

Life and death judgments are frequently made in emergency rooms. Despite chaos, healthcare providers must make decisions like reasonable medical professionals in such situations. When they fail to adhere to this standard, it could be medical malpractice.

Emergency room errors are committed when:

  • Medical staff misdiagnose a patient’s condition
  • A patient is discharged too early or not admitted for further treatment
  • Medication is not properly prescribed or administered
  • Conditions are unsanitary, leading to infections 
  • Critical lab and diagnostic tests aren’t performed 

Emergency room diagnostic errors account for an alarming number of mistakes. Every year, it’s estimated that 7.4 million patients are misdiagnosed in emergency rooms. When errors like this occur, patients are being deprived of much-needed medical attention. Their conditions can become far worse – or even result in a wrongful death.

If you’ve been injured by a negligent emergency room error, you don’t have to accept the consequences. Start getting the justice you deserve by calling Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys to schedule a free case evaluation. 

How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit After an Emergency Room Error in Chicago, Illinois? 

Emergency room errors cost both physically and financially, harming patients and increasing expenses. That’s why it’s crucial that you act on your legal rights as soon as possible. 

Illinois law limits the amount of time you have to sue for a negligent emergency room error that caused you injury. Generally, the statute of limitations gives you two years from the date that the error occurred to file your lawsuit. However, there may be exceptions to this.

Sometimes, injuries from an emergency room error may not be apparent for some time. Illinois’ discovery rule allows the two-year clock to start when you reasonably should’ve known about the injury.

There are also special time limits when a minor is involved. Determining when the two-year period begins to run can be complicated, so it’s important that you consult an experienced Chicago emergency room error attorney immediately. You shouldn’t assume that any of the exceptions that could extend your time to sue apply to your case.  

Going up against a doctor, hospital, or insurance company to get the compensation you deserve is a challenging task. If you’re dealing with serious injuries due to an emergency room error that requires expensive, long-term treatment, you shouldn’t go it alone. 

This is a time when you need to be able to concentrate 100% of your energy on healing from the error. Let Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys take the stress of fighting for fair compensation off your plate. We’re just a phone call away, so reach out to us at (312) 726-1616 to schedule your free consultation with a medical malpractice lawyer in Chicago, IL.