Wheaton Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Wheaton Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Anyone who seeks treatment from a medical provider in Wheaton has the right to receive quality, skilled, compassionate care. Unfortunately, Wheaton-area doctors, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners do not always deliver the minimum standard of care their patients require. Medical errors and other negligent decisions and actions happen all too often in Wheaton healthcare settings and can result in serious harm to patients.

Illinois law entitles patients who suffer injuries and health complications because of a medical provider's mistakes to take legal action for money damages. At Zayed Law Offices, our Wheaton medical malpractice attorneys represent injured patients and their loved ones in every step of the process of holding healthcare professionals and employers in Wheaton and throughout DuPage County accountable for medical malpractice.

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Zayed Law Offices: Your Skilled Wheaton Medical Malpractice Attorneys

A preventable mistake by a medical professional can inflict lasting harm on an innocent patient and the patient's loved ones, leading to pain, trauma, and crushing, unplanned-for costs.

At Zayed Law Offices, our mission is to hold careless and reckless healthcare providers financially accountable when their mistakes harm patients. We are an award-winning team of trial lawyers with a demonstrated track record of securing top-dollar results for injured clients. Recently, for example, we recovered $950,000 for a client who suffered harm from negligently performed gallbladder surgery.

Every medical malpractice case our team handles in Wheaton differs, which is why each gets our personalized attention and laser focus. We can never promise a favorable case outcome to our clients, but we always give our solemn commitment to put the full measure of our experience and know-how into fighting for their interests.

We're experienced, knowledgeable Illinois medical malpractice lawyers.

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In Wheaton, victims of medical malpractice (or healing art malpractice) cannot rely on just any lawyer to successfully represent their rights and interests. Medical malpractice is a complicated and procedurally distinct area of law. It takes skill, experience, and the right resources for an attorney to get justice and fair compensation for a client injured by medical negligence.

Zayed Law Offices has those qualifications. Since Adam J. Zayed founded the firm in 2009, our team has spent countless hours advocating for clients and developing a deep familiarity with Illinois medical malpractice law and the medical standards doctors must follow. We draw on that knowledge, as well as on our network of medical advisors, to navigate the process of investigating, preparing, and litigating cases designed to get our clients the maximum compensation available under the law.

We look out for our clients' present and future needs.

The toll of medical negligence can inflict long-lasting harm. We believe our clients deserve to receive financial compensation for all of it. That's why the team at Zayed Law Offices goes the distance in evaluating not just the costs and suffering our clients have already endured, but also in calculating and proving their future medical, financial, and social needs.

When necessary, we call on our network of financial planners and medical experts to help us compile a body of evidence to prove the amount of money our clients should receive from at-fault medical providers. We build strong cases to convince adversaries and decision-makers to pay our clients full compensation that meets their long-term needs.

We are fearless trial lawyers.

Since our founding, Zayed Law Offices has assembled a team of top-flight trial attorneys to represent clients in and around Wheaton. It is a core principle of our firm that to secure maximum compensation for our clients, we must always be as skillful and tenacious in fighting for their rights in the courtroom as we are outside of it.

We take pride in our reputation as tough, smart trial lawyers who build strong, well-supported cases, but who also have the ability to explain even the most complicated and subtle medical concepts to judges and juries in ways they'll understand. Our commitment to courtroom advocacy even benefits our clients in settlement negotiations, because defense lawyers and insurance adjusters know they'll have their hands full if they take our clients to court.

We're prepared for the toughest fights.

Medical providers and their malpractice insurance companies often have significant financial resources. Holding them accountable can seem like a daunting, even impossible, task for many injured patients, and even some lawyers.

But not the lawyers at Zayed Law Offices. We have years of experience holding powerful adversaries accountable for their and their clients' wrongdoing. No matter how large the hospital or how aggressive the defense lawyer we face in a Wheaton medical malpractice case, our team knows how to stand up for our clients' rights and win.

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Wheaton Medical Malpractice Cases Explained

It's not always apparent that you have a medical malpractice case. As anyone knows, doctors aren't miracle workers. Sometimes they do their best, and a patient still doesn't get better. Many victims of medical malpractice hesitate to seek legal advice about their claims because they doubt their instinct that something went wrong with their medical care that should not have happened.

Zayed Law Offices understands those uncertainties, and we try to make it as easy as possible for anyone in Wheaton to find out if they have a medical malpractice claim. Our team offers potential clients a free, confidential, no-risk case evaluation to help them explore their rights and options. In a single meeting or call, we can often learn enough about what happened to form a view about whether malpractice has occurred.

Connecting with a skilled, knowledgeable legal professional at Zayed Law Offices is easy. Just follow the link or call the number listed at the bottom of this page.

Until we have a chance to speak, here is some additional information about medical malpractice law in Illinois, and the sorts of cases our firm often handles.

The Basics of a Medical Malpractice Claim

Because they deal with medical concepts and protocols, the details of medical malpractice cases can appear somewhat complex and technical. But at their core, most claims of medical malpractice involving a Wheaton healthcare provider depend on the injured patient's lawyer being able to prove three key facts:

1. There was a medical provider/patient relationship.

As patients, we tend to think of our medical care as flowing through a single doctor or provider. But in reality, numerous healthcare professionals can have a hand in the treatment we receive.

It's up to medical malpractice lawyers, like the team at Zayed Law Offices, to identify all of those providers (individuals and corporate entities), and to determine which of them played a role in providing care to an injured patient. Those parties represent the potential defendants in a medical malpractice claim.

2. The provider failed to provide a reasonable standard of medical care.

Under Illinois law, all medical providers have a fundamental duty to provide their patients with a reasonable standard of medical care. The law does not require providers to be perfect, or to always make the correct judgment call about a patient's treatment. But it does hold healthcare workers to a minimum level of skill, knowledge, and diligence caring for a patient.

Medical malpractice, simply put, is a failure to deliver that minimum standard of care to a patient. A lawyer may prove malpractice by presenting evidence to show, for example, that a doctor did not follow industry-standard procedures, committed an obvious error, or undertook a treatment or procedure without adequate training or qualifications.

3. The patient suffered damages as a result.

Finally, a medical malpractice lawyer must have evidence to show that the provider's failure to deliver a reasonable standard of care caused actual harm to the patient. Not all medical errors cause harm to patients. Only those that inflict injuries, losses, and other damages can support a medical malpractice claim.

At Zayed Law Offices, we work closely with our clients to explore the full impact of the preventable medical injury they have suffered.

Medical Errors That Frequently Lead to Malpractice Claims

Clients seek our help at Zayed Law Offices after a wide range of incidents and mishaps in Wheaton healthcare settings cause them harm.

Here are some of the most common scenarios that may lead to a medical malpractice claim:

  • Mistaken diagnosis of a medical problem, resulting in further illness or injury, needless physical pain and emotional discomfort, and the cost and stress of additional medical treatments.
  • Surgical mistakes that inflict physical injury, including so-called never events like operating on the wrong part of a patient's body, performing unnecessary surgery, administering the wrong type or dose of anesthesia, and leaving a foreign object in a patient's body.
  • Failure to treat a patient's medical condition despite knowing it exists, which will predictably cause a patient to suffer pain, complications, and unnecessary expense. This is a type of medical error that has been found to take a disproportionate toll on women and minorities.
  • Medication mistakes that can cause severe and fatal health complications, including giving a patient the wrong medication or wrong dosage, failing to recognize dangerous drug interactions, and prescribing unnecessary medications.
  • Birth injuries sustained by a mother or baby before, during, or soon after childbirth, including strokes, heart attacks, and physical injuries.
  • Use of defective or unreasonably dangerous medical devices and implants despite the known dangers to the patient.
  • Failure to obtain informed consent from a patient before giving treatment or performing a procedure.

Of course, far more things can go wrong in a Wheaton medical facility than the items listed above. No matter how a medical injury occurred, the team at Zayed Law Offices has the skill, know-how, and resources to hold the at-fault medical provider accountable.

Potential Compensation in Wheaton Medical Malpractice Cases

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The types and amounts of financial compensation that a victim of medical malpractice in Wheaton might obtain by taking legal action against the at-fault provider can vary widely, depending on the details of the case. In general, however, the team at Zayed Law Offices can often secure the following three types of compensation for our clients:


Victims of medical malpractice in Wheaton frequently need to undergo extra medical treatment to heal from the injuries malpractice caused. Illinois law allows those victims to seek compensation for the past and future cost of that additional care.

By the same token, Wheaton-area victims of medical malpractice may also incur expenses that they wouldn't have otherwise had. If the injury they suffered left them disabled for instance, they may need to make physical modifications to their homes, or hire someone to help them with everyday tasks. Illinois law permits victims to recover the cost of these expenses in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Lost Wages and Future Earnings

Medical malpractice also frequently deprives injured patients of their ability to earn an income, at least temporarily. In those cases, victims of medical malpractice can seek payment from the at-fault provider for the wages they missed out on earning, as well as for the value of any paid-time-off they consumed while out of work.

The law also permits malpractice victims to seek damages for future income that an injury or health complication prevents them from earning. If, for example, a provider's failure to diagnose a patient's cancer effectively leads to a shortening of the patient's lifespan, the law may permit the victim to seek compensation for the loss of expected lifetime earnings.

Pain and Suffering

Finally, Illinois law permits victims of medical malpractice in Wheaton to seek financial compensation for their physical pain, emotional suffering, and overall loss of quality of life. These damages aim to compensate for the difficulty, inconvenience, personal strain, and other non-financial impacts of an injury.

Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorneys in Wheaton

If you or a loved one suffered an injury, health complication, or adverse medical outcome after receiving what you believe was inadequate medical care in Wheaton, you may have the right to financial compensation. To learn more, contact Zayed Law Offices online or call our Wheaton office at (630) 690-1919 for your free case consultation.

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