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Dealing with an injury claim after a car accident can, in many cases, leave you with more questions than answers. Will the liable driver's insurance company offer you a reasonable settlement offer? Can you expect that you will get full compensation for all the damages you may have sustained in the accident? As you recover from your injuries, you may have substantial financial worries that go along with your concerns about your physical condition.

At Zayed Law Offices, our Aurora personal injury lawyers help car accident victims get a better idea of the compensation they may deserve and how we can pursue justice for the injuries they sustained at the hands of a reckless or dangerous driver. Contact us for your free consultation.

Injured in an Aurora Car Accident? Zayed Law Offices Can Help

Following an injury in a car accident, you may have enough on your plate to manage: visits with your doctor, physical therapy, and the limitations you face as a direct result of your injuries. Do not split your focus by taking on your legal injury claim. At Zayed Law Offices, we have a track record of helping car accident victims obtain the compensation they deserve for their injuries. Some of our past results include these notable claims.

  • $1.77 million awarded after a commercial vehicle accident
  • $1.50 million awarded after a commercial vehicle accident
  • $685,000 awarded after a car crash
  • $500,000 awarded after a car crash
  • $300,000 awarded after a car crash

These results cannot guarantee the results of your injury claim after a car accident. However, at Zayed Law Offices, we endeavor to help all of our clients pursue the full compensation they deserve for car accident injuries, whether they were heading to or from Chicago on I-88 or heading on a shopping trip along Route 34.

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We help our clients determine how much compensation they may deserve after an Aurora car accident.

Insurance companies often do not want to pay out the full compensation victims deserve after an accident that involves substantial injuries. All too often, insurance companies will minimize the compensation they offer, from offering a low settlement soon after the accident to pushing victims to accept partial liability for the accident, even if they had nothing to do with it. At Zayed Law Offices, we help our clients break down the full extent of their financial losses so that they can include all the damages they sustained as part of an injury claim after a car accident.

We look for the evidence needed to establish the other party's liability in your car accident.

Did you know that car accident claims may, in some cases, involve multiple parties that all contributed to your accident? At Zayed Law Offices, we aim to learn as many details about the accident as possible, including launching a full investigation to give us the best idea of what losses you may have sustained and how you may need to move forward with your claim. We also help put that evidence together as part of a compelling argument that clearly shows what your losses looked like, who caused them, and why you deserve compensation after your car accident.

We help fight for justice for the victims of Aurora car accidents.

Even a moment's inattention or negligence on the road can lead to substantial injuries for the people in the other vehicle. If you suffered serious injuries due to negligence on the part of an Aurora driver, you might deserve significant compensation for those injuries. At Zayed Law Offices, we work with our clients to maximize the compensation they can recover, fighting for the justice they deserve as they deal with the insurance company that covers the liable driver or anyone else involved in the accident.

Aurora Car Accident Injuries: The Aftermath

Car accidents frequently result in substantial injuries, especially at high rates of speed like those that drivers often use on I-25 or I-70. Those injuries can change every aspect of the patient's life, especially in the case of severe or lifelong injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury, or TBI, results when the head experiences immense force during a car accident. Sometimes, that force may come from the head slamming into the vehicle. In other cases, however, TBI may result from the sheer force of the accident, as the brain moves rapidly back and forth in the skull. Traumatic brain injury can interfere with focus, concentration, and, in many cases, emotional regulation.

Back and Neck Injuries

Car accidents often result in significant back and neck injuries, ranging from whiplash to spinal cord injuries. Back and neck injuries can cause substantial complications for the victim, including decreased overall mobility or pain when participating in various activities. Often, back and neck injuries cause lingering complications, including challenges that make it difficult to handle work tasks while recovering.


Patients involved in car accidents usually suffer burns in one of two ways: either heat burns because of damage to a vehicle that causes it to burst into flame, or friction burns, also known as road rash, caused by dragging across the pavement. Burns can cause immense suffering and create a long road to recovery, often including multiple complications.


Some car accident victims permanently lose a limb due to damage caused by the car accident. Amputees may require long-term therapy support to help them cope with losing a limb and learn to regain independence following their injuries. Prosthetics can help improve mobility, independence, and function, but may not replace a biological limb.

Broken Bones

Many car accident victims suffer from multiple broken bones, which may cause extreme pain and several limitations in the victim's ability to get around or care for themself. While some broken bones heal with relatively few complications, others may require surgical treatment and physical therapy. Broken bones may also cause ongoing pain even after recovery.

Common Causes of Aurora Car Accidents

Car accidents can occur for a variety of reasons.

Dangerous Intersections

Across Aurora, several dangerous intersections increase the risk of a serious accident, including Orchard and Sullivan, Montgomery and Route 59, and the intersection of Butterfield and Eola. Dangerous intersections may occur due to poor visibility, heavy traffic, or unclear traffic signals, all of which may raise the risk of an accident.

Weather Challenges

Neither rain nor snow comes as a particular surprise to Aurora residents, who see about full compensation and 38 inches of rainfall each year: directly in keeping with the United States average. However, those weather challenges may raise the risk of an accident considerably. Many drivers may have a much harder time controlling their vehicles on rainy or icy roads. Dangerous weather may also decrease overall visibility, meaning drivers may not have adequate insight into what happens around them.

Distracted Drivers

Many drivers in Aurora struggle with distraction. They may end up with their attention on anything but the road: a smartphone, a GPS, even the temperature controls in the vehicle. Distraction contributes to a high percentage of accidents and makes it very difficult for drivers to keep their focus on the road, where it belongs.

Ignoring the Rules of the Road

Car accidents often occur because a driver failed to pay adequate attention to the rules of the road, causing them to crash into another driver inadvertently. Speeding, for example, can significantly increase accident risk. A speeding driver needs more time to respond to potential challenges and may require the driver to have faster reflexes. Ignoring traffic lights and street signs can make it impossible for other drivers to gauge a specific driver's position or progression on the road, and may raise the risk of many types of collisions.

Aggressive Driving

During rush hour and other busy points in the day, Aurora residents can experience slowdowns in traffic movement. Unfortunately, some drivers do not respond well to those challenges. Drivers may engage in reckless or aggressive behaviors, including swerving in and out of traffic, tailgating, or even growing frustrated and trying to run another driver off the road.

Who Bears Liability for Aurora Car Accidents?

Determining liability can be essential following an Aurora car accident. Your lawyer will need to establish all parties that bear liability for the accident to help you file a car accident injury claim. Often, the driver who engaged in dangerous, reckless, or negligent behaviors can bear liability for a car accident and all associated injuries. However, car accidents may sometimes occur for reasons partially outside the other driver's control, or outside factors may contribute to the accident.

Commercial Driving Accidents

Did you suffer injuries in an accident with a commercial driver? If so, that driver's employer may share liability for the accident. Companies that send their drivers out on the road must properly maintain any company vehicles, monitor driver behavior, and institute safe driving policies that will help keep those drivers and everyone who shares the road with them as safe as possible. A company that fails in that duty of care may share liability for the resulting accident.

Mechanical Failures and Malfunctions

Mechanical failures can erode a driver's ability. Something as simple as a tire blowout can raise the risk of an accident, while brake or steering failures can cause even skilled drivers to cause a collision. If a malfunction occurs because of a manufacturer error, that manufacturer may bear liability for the incident. On the other hand, if a mechanical failure occurs because of a mechanic's negligent actions in repairing the vehicle, including improperly repairing a vehicle or damaging it during repairs, the mechanic may bear liability.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk drivers struggle to control their vehicles safely and may pose a danger to everyone around them. Under Illinois dram shop law, if a bar or restaurant over-serves a patron, that facility may bear liability for the accident.

Recovering Compensation Following an Aurora Car Accident: What To Expect

You suffered injuries in an Aurora car accident and deserve compensation for your losses. How much should you expect in compensation? At Zayed Law Offices, we cannot guarantee the compensation you can recover. However, most car accident claims will include compensation for these important elements.

The Cost of Your Medical Care

Severe car accident injuries may mean the need for substantial medical care. You may have a long road to recovery ahead of you, and all the while, those medical bills may continue to increase. Your medical bills will serve as the foundation of an injury claim after a car accident. You can include the cost of emergency medical treatment, ongoing medical treatment, and future anticipated medical needs as part of your car accident claim.

Compensation for Lost Wages

Missing out on income following a car accident can pose a significant financial burden. You may find yourself unable to pay your regular bills, much less the many bills that often increase after a car accident. Talk to your lawyer about the time you have missed at work or whether you have permanently lost your ability to work in your field or your position because of your injuries. If so, you can include those lost earnings in your claim.

Pain and Suffering

Most car accident claims will also include a category for the non-financial losses you sustained in the car accident. Compensation for the pain and suffering you faced due to the accident can make it much easier to rebuild your life.

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