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Experiencing a catastrophic accident means that life can completely change in just a few moments. This is especially true when traumatic brain injuries occur. 

The term traumatic brain injury (TBI) can encompass a wide range of injuries and symptoms. At its most basic level, these injuries are defined as a blow to the head that has disrupted the brain. As traumatic brain injuries come with risks like lifelong disability and death, accidents that involve them are that much more severe. While not every brain injury is immediately visible, they all deserve to be taken seriously. 

Symptoms of traumatic brain injuries can include both physical sickness–like nausea or vomiting–or cognitive impairments. These can manifest in a variety of different ways, including dizziness, blurry vision, abnormal speech, or loss of motor skills. If any of these symptoms appear following an accident, it’s important to act fast and seek medical attention. 

As leading causes of traumatic brain injuries include personal injury incidents such as auto accidents and construction accidents, having a lawyer on your side is vitally important when pursuing care. The symptoms of traumatic brain injuries often require ongoing care or therapy, meaning that the costs can extend far beyond hospital stays and doctor’s visits.

An experienced personal injury attorney will help you navigate the legal complexities of getting care. However, not all personal injury lawyers are created equal. Our methodology for representing clients involves consulting with economists, life care planners, and medical professionals to ensure that our clients receive the full compensation they deserve. 

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