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Representing Yourself in Court

The attorneys at Zayed Law Offices strongly recommend seeking legal counsel before beginning any legal action. Pro se is Latin meaning “for oneself” and is the legal term for representing oneself. If you decide to file a pro se action you will have to draft documents, schedule court dates, and argue in front of a judge. Doing this yourself is difficult under the best of circumstances. The difficulty is compounded when the other side has retained an attorney. An attorney will likely have years of experience and training that you do not have.

Hiring an attorney is the best course of action. Your attorney’s experience and training can be the difference between a successful recovery and failure. Call Zayed Law Offices at 855.726.1616 for a free no obligation consultation. Our experienced attorneys would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Can Corporations File Pro Se Actions?

Corporations are prevented from conducting any pro se litigation by the nullity rule. The nullity rule is a court-imposed punishment for the unauthorized practice of law. Only licensed attorneys may practice law. This means that only licensed attorneys may represent others in a court proceeding. When a non-attorney represents another person during a court proceeding the nullity rule will be triggered and the case thrown out.

A corporation is legal person. Legal persons cannot do everything a natural person can. For example a corporation cannot get married. Corporations have no physical form. Having no physical form makes it impossible for a corporation to personally appear in court. To appear in court a corporation must send a representative. If the corporation sends a non-attorney representative, like its President, the nullity rule will be triggered and the case thrown out. The corporation’s President cannot represent the corporation because they are not the corporation or an attorney. Due to the nullity rule corporations must be represented by an attorney in any legal matter.

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