The Mirena Crash Is Real, and It’s Affecting Countless Women

If you are a woman who has ever sought a long-term birth control option, you may have been offered an intrauterine device (IUD). The company Mirena offers one of the more common IUDs on the market. It is a t-shaped hormonal implant that inhibits sperm and lessens the likelihood of a pregnancy.

While the product is fairly effective at preventing pregnancies and moderating heavy period and endometriosis symptoms, many women are reporting severe side effects after having them removed. Some of the reported side effects are significant enough that users have begun filing personal injury lawsuits.

Cause of the Mirena Crash

The Mirena IUD releases progesterone, a hormone that causes the female body to thicken the mucous membrane. Many women use a Mirena IUD for as long as seven years, during which time their hormones are always artificially adjusted.

When the IUD is removed, those hormones are supposed to revert to their natural state, but that isn’t always the case. In many women, their hormone levels swing to various unnatural levels after the device is removed, a phenomenon referred to as the “Mirena Crash.”

Symptoms of the Mirena Crash

The Mirena Crash results in physical, emotional, and behavioral effects, with some of the more common symptoms including the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Pain, especially during sex
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Mood swings
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Depression
  • Suicidal ideation

Unfortunately, some of these symptoms are similar to side effects that women experience after any hormonal treatment or during menopause. This has led some doctors to fail to properly diagnose a Mirena Crash, assigning the symptoms to another cause rather than the defective medical device.

Nevertheless, the symptoms of Mirena Crash are more severe than similar causes, and that difference is important, especially if you are a former Mirena user looking to file a lawsuit.

Damages You Can Seek from a Mirena Crash Lawsuit

Long-term and painful side effects of any medical accident or injury typically result in lofty bills. To that end, every open Mirena Crash lawsuit seeks damages for past and ongoing medical bills. Additionally, as the symptoms often interfere with the plaintiff’s ability to perform job functions, the lawsuits usually seek damages for job-related losses as well.

Furthermore, if you file a Mirena Crash lawsuit, you will likely seek non-economic damages for your pain and suffering. While a Mirena Crash is unlikely to be fatal, it can still cause excruciating symptoms that no one should have to live through. Facing long-term prospects like that, your attorney will likely try to get you damages for that suffering.

A Migrating IUD Is Also a Concern

Another potential cause of serious harm from using the Mirena IUD is the outcome of a migrating IUD. This occurs when the device moves from its intended location to another part of your body. A migrating IUD can cause sterility or internal injuries, and it usually requires surgery to remove it.

While a migrating IUD is not directly related to a Mirena Crash, it is something to be aware of that could give you a basis to file a lawsuit. 

The Mirena Crash Is Real And Often Misdiagnosed

Unfortunately, many doctors side with the manufacturer of the Mirena IUD (Bayer) and thus don’t believe the Mirena Crash is real, even when the evidence suggests otherwise. Regardless of what your doctors say, if you experience symptoms of the condition, you should consult with doctors and lawyers who know better and will help you.

If you experience any type of unexplained pain or bleeding after an IUD is implanted, contact your physician immediately and consider consulting with a medical malpractice lawyer.

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