Trucking Accidents: How a Skilled Attorney Investigates

Personal injury attorneys have a variety of tools at their disposal to investigate trucking auto accidents.

Few types of auto accidents are as complex and challenging to navigate as trucking accidents. Given the sheer size and power of commercial trucks, the potential for harm is massive, especially if the truck accident was the result of driver negligence. Trucking companies are also vigilant about protecting their bottom line, which means they will be ruthless in looking for reasons why their truck driver is not liable for the auto accident. 

Because of this, having an experienced truck accident attorney is vital to making sure you’re awarded the settlement that you deserve. Your attorney will investigate the circumstances surrounding the car crash to ensure that liable parties are held financially accountable for the damage that they cause. 

To that end, let’s explore three of the most valuable tools available at a trucking accident lawyer’s disposal when crafting cases. 

Eyewitness Accounts and Police Reports

Eyewitness accounts are incredibly effective when negotiating the aftermath of a traumatic truck accident. They provide a perspective on the accident beyond the immediate parties and help establish an official timeline of events. Identifying and documenting these accounts quickly is vital for an attorney, as this testimony is most effective when it’s fresh in the witnesses’ minds.

Given the severity of truck accidents, law enforcement will often respond to one within a matter of minutes. In the event of severe auto accident injuries, they will potentially document the scene of the crash and investigate for debris and fluids. By interviewing any officers present at the scene, your personal injury attorney will ensure that their account—and credibility—is factored into your case.

Expert Witnesses

Consulting with auto accident experts can provide valuable context and help fill any holes in the auto accident’s timeline of events. Expert testimony can cover various subjects, including medical reports, crash reconstruction, and toxicology reports. 

When used effectively, expert witnesses are a powerful tool in establishing liability in truck accident cases. If it appears that the accident was caused by reckless driving, an accident reconstruction expert can highlight the specific poor decisions that a driver made. Meanwhile, a highway engineer expert can provide further insight into how driving conditions might have affected the collision. 

Knowing which experts will benefit a case can be tricky, and that’s why it’s important to hire an experienced auto accident attorney. Skilled attorneys build networks of credible expert witnesses and know how to best leverage their expertise. 

At Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys, we pride ourselves on maintaining a network of highly credible expert witnesses. We understand all of the complex ways an expert witness can make or break a case and structure our approach accordingly. Expert testimony is only as valuable as the tangible impact that it has on an auto accident case, and we ensure that our client’s best interests are always being served.

Information That Reflects Trucking Conditions

Commercial trucking is difficult work, often confronting drivers with long hours and exhausting conditions. These conditions are especially true for trucking routes that extend across several state lines. Due to the risk that exhausted drivers can pose to other cars on the road, trucking companies require their employees to abide by strict standards regarding rest time. 

However, tight deadlines can force drivers to make difficult decisions, and these standards are not always upheld. Therefore, there’s always the possibility that a truck accident’s personal injury case stems from a truck driver getting behind the wheel when they’re too exhausted to drive safely. 

Information that establishes how responsible the truck driver was behaving, along with findings about the mechanical condition of their truck, can come from a wide variety of sources, including log books that document the driver’s hours, phone records, or post-collision alcohol test results. Many trucks are also outfitted with a black box that tracks driving information—including speed and braking patterns. 

Truck Accident Investigations at Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys
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