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Chicago Medication Errors Lawyers

Medical malpractice is a term used to describe conduct that deviates from the applicable standard of care. A standard of care is a generally a minimum level of care that should be exercised by a health care provider. A standard of care requires healthcare providers to exercise the same degree of knowledge or care that a reasonably careful healthcare provider would use. Violations of a standard of care occur when a healthcare provider does something that a reasonably careful provider would not do or when a provider fails to do something that a reasonably careful provider would do.

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Chicago Medication Errors Lawyers


Being administered the wrong dosage or wrong type of medication while being treated by a physician or medical professional can result in complications or perhaps even death. Your lawyer must be able to determine where communication has failed and establish liability.

At Zayed Law Offices, our medical malpractice attorneys have vast experience advocating for injured victims. Our medical malpractice attorneys have a strong track record, and we utilize our many resources when handling complex personal injury cases.

Our team is here to provide guidance and assist you through the difficulties you are facing.

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Chicago Hospitals Provide Variety and Choice, but They Do Make Mistakes

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When you are in the Chicago area and need a medical procedure, you may choose from many local hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Chicago hospitals include:

  • University of Chicago Medical Center
  • NorthShore University HealthSystem-Metro Chicago
  • Loyola University Medical Center
  • Advocate Christ Medical Center
  • Rush University Medical Center

These and other institutions provide medical procedures that go off without a hitch for tens of thousands of patients each year. However, doctors and hospitals are not perfect, and medical errors happen. When encountering a medical procedure meant to support and improve your health, suffering an injury is the last thing you expect. When you suffer damages due to medical malpractice injury, you are entitled to compensation for your damages.

Doctors perform so many procedures at Chicago-area hospitals each year, no matter how well the healthcare providers conduct them and how much attention they pay, mistakes can and do happen. When a medical error injures you, do not directly accuse your doctor or healthcare provider, as this can complicate the process of collecting evidence in support of your case.

Reaching out to a medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible after your injury will help to support your ability to determine what the best path to recovery is in your case. One of the experienced medical malpractice attorneys from Zayed Law Offices is here to assist you and answer any questions you might have.

Zayed Law Offices Has Decades of Combined Experience with Medical Malpractice Claims

Being injured in a medical procedure where a medical professional breaches a standard of care entitles you to damages. However, these damages do not automatically appear in your bank account.

To get compensation for the full costs associated with your injury, you must accurately measure them and you must demand them from the opposing party, which is generally an insurance company. Knowing where to get started can be difficult, especially when you need to recover from the injuries associated with the medical procedure.

Zayed Law Offices is a personal injury firm that focuses on medical malpractice. We have handled a broad variety of cases involving medical malpractice, ranging from injuries through the procedure to adults and injuries to children due to errors during the birthing process.

When you or a loved one has suffered an injury during a medical procedure, you are entitled to damages for your injuries, and Zayed Law Offices is here to help. Our experienced attorneys are standing by to provide you with a risk-free consultation to determine whether you have a case, and if so, how we can help.

When you reach out to our firm, we will begin to collect basic information about your case to see if it fits with our firm.

We do not take all of the cases that come our way.

We only take cases we believe in and for which we can provide top-notch legal representation. If we can help you with your case, we will discuss the damages we feel we can collect for you and the type of attorney-client relationship we will have.

As you’ll learn below, medical malpractice attorneys are here to help and, in many instances, will take a case on contingency, which means that you have no out-of-pocket expenses, as we’ll discuss in the FAQ below.

Medical Malpractice Damages Include Lost Wages, Earnings, and Medical Costs

Suffering an injury in a medical procedure is the last thing you expect. Full compensation for your injury will cover the costs associated with treating the injury. This includes short-term medical bills like emergency room care, medications, and treatment following your injury.

The long-term costs that might emerge can include ongoing medical care for your injury, as well as medications, treatment, and rehabilitation. To determine how your injury will affect your health in the future and how that will influence your ability to work, you may require additional medical exams and consultations.

For earnings, the law entitles you to compensation for your lost earnings because of your medical malpractice injury that includes both short- and long-term coverage. In the short term, the law entitles you to damages that replace the income you missed out on while recovering from your injury. This might include missed wages and other work benefits like accrued sick or vacation time.

If your injury causes a lasting disability, you might never return to work or only to a job that pays less than you made before your injury. Your damages will equal the income that you lost from the time of your injury through your working life.

Calculating the damages that you deserve requires complex math and an understanding of how the legal system awards compensation. Zayed Law Offices are here to apply their knowledge and experience to recover all of the damages you deserve.

Your Claim Is Not the Priority of the Insurance Company

When it comes time to collect compensation for the damages associated with your injury, the insurance company of the doctor and/or medical facility will probably pay you.

Doctors and hospitals, as we’ll discuss, carry medical malpractice insurance specifically to pay claimants like you who have suffered an injury due to medical mistakes.

Mistakes happen, and they are nothing personal. Doctors, like anyone else, are human, and mistakes can and do happen. If a doctor or hospital risked losing everything each time they operated due to the risk of injury, then they would never conduct any procedures. Medical malpractice insurance provides a cushion through which doctors and hospitals can operate without worrying about losing it all due to a medical malpractice mistake.

The insurance companies that pay out claims to injured parties do not work for the people who sustain injuries. They work for a profit. Medical malpractice insurance companies profit by maximizing insurance premiums collected from doctors and hospitals and minimizing costs that they pay out to claimants.

Zayed Law Offices has decades of combined experience negotiating medical malpractice claims, but from the position of the injured.


Adam J Zayed, Founder & Trial Attorney
Adam J Zayed, Chicago Medication Errors Lawyers

As a patient, your health can suffer drastically as the result of not receiving proper treatment. Proper medical treatment involves not only being appropriately diagnosed, but receiving the appropriate type and amount of medication. If the underlying cause of your illness or injury is not properly determined, then the appropriate course for treatment cannot be fully implemented. Regardless of where the error in communication occurred, our team will represent your interests.

Our medical negligence attorney has handled medical malpractice cases involving prescription errors and medication dosage errors that have resulted in serious injuries and fatalities. This can include situations involving anesthesia errors in the surgical room, errors performed by a pharmacist when filling a prescription, medication errors in a hospital or emergency room, and more.

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In the following FAQ, we’ll explore some common questions you might have about medical malpractice and explain what you can recover and how a medical malpractice attorney can help you make the most of your claim.

Medical malpractice causes an injury during a medical procedure because of a mistake by the doctor or healthcare facility. While you can generally trust doctors and hospitals to provide treatments that meet the required level of care and you will experience no complications, mistakes can and do happen.

When you suffer an injury during a medical procedure, medical malpractice claims will enable you to collect coverage for your damages. Knowing when you suffered from medical malpractice and not a bad but likely outcome requires investigation by a medical malpractice lawyer.

What matters with a medical malpractice claim is whether the doctor violated the standard of care, as we’ll explore below.

When you undergo a medical procedure, it is sometimes normal to feel a certain amount of pain and suffering when you recover. However, pain after a procedure may require an outside medical opinion to determine whether medical malpractice caused an injury.

Never directly accuse your doctor or healthcare facility of medical malpractice. Instead, request a copy of your medical records, and reach out to a medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible to explore options on your case.

Medical malpractice occurs when a medical caregiver violates the standard of care and causes an injury. The standard of care is the basic level of care and quality that a reasonable and responsible medical professional in the shoes of your doctor and healthcare facility would exercise. The standard of care is the minimum level of quality that any patient can expect to receive during a procedure, regardless of the doctor or facility. When a doctor violates the standard of care and an injury results, you may pursue compensation for the damages associated with your medical malpractice injuries. The experienced medical malpractice attorneys from Zayed Law Offices have decades of combined experience working on a wide variety of medical malpractice cases. They know the norms when it comes to particular procedures, and also have a network of medical experts who can provide a follow-up assessment and second opinions. Directly accusing the doctor who completed the procedure of injuring you can lead to difficulty later in your case, so contact a medical malpractice attorney to advocate for you.

Knowing when an injury has occurred after a procedure requires knowledge of the standard of care of the procedure and a review of the files associated with it. The well-connected local medical malpractice attorneys at Zayed Law Offices can provide this for you With our network of medical professionals and experience working on medical malpractice cases, we can determine whether you have suffered an injury and, if so, the full extent of the compensation you deserve. From there, we advocate through every step of the process to ensure that you receive what you deserve

Being injured in a medical malpractice situation will entitle you to compensation for your injuries from the medical malpractice insurance provider of your doctor or healthcare facility. Doctors and hospitals carry medical malpractice insurance specifically for situations where mistakes happen that injure patients. To collect benefits from the medical malpractice insurance company for your injuries, you must accurately calculate your injuries and related damages, then demand them from the insurance company in the form of a claim. The process of applying for your medical malpractice benefits can be complex and requires that you completely and accurately fill out the application and submit sufficient evidence for your claim to be approved. Insurance companies profit by denying whichever claims they can. They will carefully scrutinize your initial application to determine if it has the minimum evidence necessary for approval. They may provide expert medical opinions that the injury you have experienced did not live up to an acceptable standard of care and constitutes medical malpractice. You cannot easily meet this difficult standard without a medical malpractice lawyer, as you cannot self-diagnose your injury. Seeking out a third-party medical opinion will support the outcome of your case, and your medical malpractice attorney from Zayed Law Offices can recommend someone from their network of professionals.

Coverage for your medical malpractice injury is not automatic, and you can only collect what you can accurately claim and what the insurance company approves. The best way to collect damages promptly is to have a medical malpractice attorney assist you from the start. Your medical malpractice attorney begins by calculating your damages accurately. Then they negotiate with the insurance company. In some instances, the insurance company might settle for a fair amount quickly. If the insurance company denies your claim, you may need to file a lawsuit to collect the damages for your medical malpractice injury. Filing a lawsuit can be a difficult endeavor for an individual without a legal education or experience in the area. Medical malpractice attorneys at Zayed Law Offices went to law school for years, then spent years after school learning about medical malpractice and gaining experience on similar cases. This experience also builds out the professional network of medical and occupational experts you need to accurately determine the damages you deserve.

Whether you deserve damages for a medical malpractice injury is irrelevant if the statute of limitations has passed. Even if you have a proper case and deserve significant damages, if the statute of limitations has passed, you cannot bring your case. A statute of limitations is the time after an injury when you can bring a claim to collect damages. In Illinois, claims for injury and death generally have a statute of limitations of two years. However, when it comes to medical malpractice, the statute of limitations can differ, depending on your case. Your medical malpractice attorney will review the facts related to your claim to determine which statute of limitations applies. The best way to ensure that you collect your full damages is to contact a medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible after your injury to negotiate your settlement or file your claim.

If you suffered an injury following a medical procedure, the damages you deserve will depend upon the unique facts and circumstances of your injury and your earnings ability before and after your injury. Accurately calculating what you lost is hard without experience working on similar cases and an understanding of prior case outcomes. When you try to recover from your injury, learning the law and related case precedent is difficult, if not impossible. Additionally, you will be negotiating with the medical malpractice insurance company that employs full-time teams of claim specialists and attorneys. These specialists and attorneys work full-time to deny whichever claims they can and to pay as little as possible on those claims that they cannot deny. Your experienced medical malpractice attorney from Zayed Law Offices evens the playing field against the insurance companies so that you recover what you deserve. The insurance companies may quickly offer you a settlement after your injury. It might seem to cover your immediate medical bills and lost wages, and maybe even a bit extra. This tries to get you to accept less than you deserve, as the settlement will come with an agreement that you cannot seek further damages. Do not negotiate with the insurance companies without your own attorney, as doing so puts you at a significant disadvantage.

If you think you have suffered an injury due to a medical procedure, seek emergency medical care to determine if your injury might have more severe implications. When mistakes happen during medical procedures, and you believe you may have suffered an injury beyond the level of risk that is within the standard of care of the procedure, you deserve damages, but you must know the extent of your injury to collect upon them. Your medical malpractice attorney may consult medical experts after you have received your emergency medical care to determine your long-term injury symptoms and how they might affect your ability to work. To start the process, request your medical records, then contact your medical malpractice attorney from Zayed Law Offices. We can advise you on what the next steps are and provide legal representation for you every step of the way to lead to the best possible outcome in your claim.

All patients are legally entitled to copies of their medical records. All you need to do is ask the records department and maybe pay a copy fee. You do not have to provide any reason for your request, and we suggest that you do not. Do not alert the doctor or healthcare facility that you might have suffered an injury; your medical malpractice attorney will do this for you. Simply request copies, then reach out to your attorney. Your records will form important evidence when determining whether you received the standard of care you deserved.

Once the doctor-patient relationship has been established, the healthcare provider must adhere to the applicable standard of care. A patient bringing a medical malpractice claim must show that the healthcare provider breached the applicable standard of care, that the breach caused injury, and that the breach caused the patient’s injuries.


Prosecuting a claim for medical malpractice can be time consuming, complicated, and costly. Contacting an attorney who has a proven track record of excellence is an essential part of bringing a successful medical malpractice claim.

Very often doctors undertake risky procedures without any guarantee of success, and a bad result alone is not evidence of medical malpractice. One of the most solid grounds for suspicion of medical malpractice is when the results of a procedure are widely unexpected. It is important to look into any suspicions of medical malpractice, and this is best done by contacting an experienced medical malpractice law firm. An experienced medical malpractice attorney will review the records of healthcare professionals and may order additional tests and exams.

In the event of medical malpractice, health care providers can be held responsible as well as the institutions they are affiliated with. An experienced medical malpractice attorney will be able to identify ALL parties who are responsible.

Two years is the general time limit for filing suit for injury or death in Illinois. However, there are many nuances that apply to medical malpractice statutes of limitation. The statute of limitations for medical malpractice lawsuits is from one to seven years depending on the facts of the case. It is best to contact a personal injury attorney in order to consult with an attorney who will guide your case through the gauntlet of applicable statutes of limitations.

One of the most important things to do in the event of a suspected medical malpractice is to avoid outright accusations toward your healthcare provider. Make sure that you request your medical records and then consult an experienced medical malpractice attorney to review the records and provide guidance on your potential cause of action.

Signing a consent form means you have acknowledged that there are known risks associated with your medical treatment. A signed consent form does not mean that you have consented to medical treatment below the applicable standard of care owed by all healthcare providers to their patients.

Amounts recovered from medical malpractice lawsuits are generally not taxable.

All patients have a legal right to obtain a copy of their medical records. These requests should be made in writing and must include details like the patient’s social security number, address, date of birth, etc. Requesting medical records can be very timely and may require payment of fees to the records department providing the records.

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