Zayed Law Offices Files Lawsuit Against Walmart Inc. for Shooting of a Customer by an Employee

January 19, 2022
Zayed Law Offices Files Lawsuit Against Walmart Inc. for Shooting of a Customer by an Employee

Zayed Law Offices, a premier personal injury trial law firm, announced the filing of a lawsuit against Walmart Inc. in connection with the shooting of a patron by an alleged employee in the parking lot of a Bolingbrook, Illinois store.

Zayed Law Offices filed this complaint on behalf of a client alleging that Walmart Inc., the owner and operator of the store at 200 S. Bolingbrook Drive was negligent in allowing its employee to possess a firearm on its premises.

"Customers have a reasonable expectation of safety when they step foot on a Walmart parking lot, and our client was injured due to no fault of his own," said Adam J. Zayed, founder of Zayed Law Offices.

According to the Complaint, Walmart has a duty to exercise ordinary care for the safety of patrons that are lawfully on their premises. On March 30, 2021, the day of the alleged shooting, Defendant Walmart Inc. failed to make reasonable investigation in order to prevent grievous injury to its patrons.

Mr. Zayed alleges that, "Walmart should have done more to protect their customers from absurd situations like this shooting. This was completely avoidable, and Walmart cannot shirk responsibility by saying this was an intentional act by an employee on a frolic and a detour. Walmart has a duty to train its employees properly and to prevent employees from carrying firearms while clearing shopping carts in the lot."

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