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Have you been hurt in a car accident in Joliet, IL, caused by a speeding driver? An experienced Joliet speeding accident lawyer can help you fight for the fair compensation you deserve while protecting you from insurance company tactics. 

At Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys, we have recovered over $100 million for our clients. We are ready to give you the tireless representation you need. 

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How Our Car Accident Lawyers Can Help if You Were Injured In a Speeding Accident In Joliet, IL

How Our Car Accident Lawyers Can Help if You Were Injured In a Speeding Accident In Joliet, IL

At Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys, we have decades of experience dealing with insurance companies and advocating for injury victims in Joliet, Illinois. We have recorded over $100 million in settlements and verdicts for our clients. Our Joliet personal injury lawyers have been admitted to the prestigious Million Dollar Advocates Form and recognized by Best Lawyers and Super Lawyers. 

When you hire us to represent you, our Joliet car accident attorneys will: 

  • Conduct an independent investigation into your accident
  • Collect and analyze evidence to prove liability and strengthen your claim
  • Work with top experts as needed
  • Handle all communications and negotiate with the insurance company 
  • Defend you against tactics to shift blame or minimize your losses
  • Take your case to court if necessary

While you focus on your recovery, we will work diligently to pursue maximum compensation on your behalf. Contact our law firm to schedule a free case review with a Joliet speeding accident attorney to discuss how we can help you.

How Common Are Speeding Accidents?

Speeding is one of the leading causes of car accidents with serious injuries or fatalities. Nationwide, about one-third of fatal crashes involve speeding. Nearly 43,000 traffic deaths in 2021 were attributed to speeding. 

Drunk driving, another major cause of fatal crashes, often involves speeding, too. In 2020, 37% of speeding drivers involved in fatal accidents were alcohol-impaired compared to 17% of non-speeding motorists. 

According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, speeding caused 43.8% fatal crashes in the state in 2022 and 36.7% of injury crashes. 

Motorcyclists involved in a fatal crash are more likely to have been speeding than other motorists. 

Speeding doesn’t just increase the risk of an accident; it increases the risk of serious or fatal injuries.

The dangers of speeding are well-known. Unfortunately, careless drivers cause tens of thousands of deaths every year by driving too fast.

What Damages Are Available To Accident Victims In Illinois?

Accident victims are entitled to compensatory damages from the at-fault party. Compensatory damages are broken down into two categories: economic and non-economic damages

Economic damages compensate you for the financial losses you suffered. Non-economic damages compensate for the emotional and physical impact of your accident. 

Common examples of damages available to car accident victims include: 

An experienced personal injury lawyer will carefully document your damages and work with experts if necessary to calculate future losses.

Can I Recover Compensation if I’m Being Blamed for a Speeding Accident In Illinois?

Even if you share some fault for your accident, you may still be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Illinois uses a modified comparative negligence rule with a 51% bar. Injured parties can recover damages only if they are 50% or less at fault. 

If you are found more at fault than the defendant, you will be barred from recovering damages. Otherwise, your recovery will be reduced in proportion to your share of fault. If you suffered $75,000 in damages but are found 25% to blame, your recovery will be reduced by 25% to $56,250. 

We Will Fight To Recover Compensation for All Your Speeding Accident Injuries

When speeding is a factor in a crash, injuries are more likely to be serious, catastrophic, or fatal. 

At Zayed Law Offices Personal Injury Attorneys, we are committed to pursuing the full compensation you deserve for injuries, including: 

Because high-speed accidents cause crash energy to increase exponentially, safety features like crumple zones become less effective. 

How Do I Prove Negligence After a Speeding Accident In Joliet, Illinois?

When someone causes an accident by speeding, they can be held liable for the damages they caused. To recover compensation, you must prove the other driver was negligent and caused the crash. 

Establishing negligence requires proving the following: 

  • The driver owed you a duty of care, 
  • They breached this duty
  • You suffered damages, and
  • The driver’s behavior was the actual and proximate cause of your injuries

When someone causes an accident by violating a safety statute designed to protect others, proving negligence is easier. The doctrine of negligence per se means someone is presumed negligent when they violate a safety statute and cause an accident. By arguing negligence per se, you have a lower burden of proof and must only show that the other driver violated a law that was designed to prevent accidents or harm to others. 

Cases involving speeding and driving under the influence often involve negligence per se. 

How Long Do I Have To File a Lawsuit After a Speeding Accident In Illinois?

You have just two years from the date of your accident to file a personal injury lawsuit in Illinois. There are very limited exceptions to this statute of limitations. Once the deadline expires, you lose your right to file a claim and pursue compensation. 

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