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Expectant parents who make their home in Joliet trust they will receive skilled prenatal and birth-related care at area medical centers. Little can prepare them for the trauma and anxiety they suffer when a medical error harms their newborn.

Zayed Law Offices represent Joliet-area parents in legal actions seeking justice, provider accountability, and financial compensation for their babies' birth-related injuries resulting from negligent or wrongful actions by area healthcare providers like AMITA Health Saint Joseph Medical Center Joliet or Silver Cross Hospital.

Contact us to learn how our team of experienced Joliet birth injury attorneys can help you and your child.

About Our Law Firm

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Zayed Law Offices is an award-winning law firm serving clients in Joliet. Our team of skilled trial lawyers makes it their mission to achieve justice and full financial compensation for victims of negligence and intentional harm.

Representing parents of children injured at birth is an important focus of our law practice. No child or parent should suffer harm because of a medical error, and no medical professional in Joliet or anywhere else should escape accountability when an error occurs.

Our lawyers and legal professionals have a strong track record of medical malpractice case results, which speaks to our firm commitment to serving our clients' interests and getting them the financial support they need to pay for medical care and unexpected, long-term expenses.

Holding Medical Professionals Accountable for Birth Injuries in Joliet, Illinois

Healthcare providers in Joliet and elsewhere in Illinois owe their clients a sacred duty to provide a reasonable standard of medical care. Most doctors, nurses, and medical staff try their best to give that care. But because they are human, mistakes and oversights happen. And when a tired, distracted, or unusually careless healthcare worker commits an error, patients can get seriously hurt.

Birth injuries are an especially tragic result of preventable medical negligence. Birth mothers and newborns can suffer lasting trauma that alters the course of their lives when something that shouldn't have gone wrong, does, in a prenatal care or childbirth setting.

Children, in particular, may face lifelong physical or developmental deficits because of a preventable birth injury. Those challenges can limit the child's opportunities to grow and thrive. They can also saddle families with crushing expenses and profound emotional trauma.

Illinois law permits Joliet-area parents of children born with preventable birth injuries, and birth mothers injured during childbirth, to seek financial compensation from any healthcare provider who failed to give them a reasonable quality of care. Obtaining the most financial compensation possible in a legal action for what Illinois statutes refer to as “healing art malpractice“ virtually always requires the assistance of a skilled birth injury attorney, like the team at Zayed Law Offices.

Every birth injury case we handle at Zayed Law Offices differs, but as a general matter, our team can frequently secure money to help parents and birth injury victims pay for:

  • Medical care necessary to treat the birth injury and any long-term health complications it causes. This may include the cost of emergency care, hospitalization, doctor visits, medical equipment, medication, and physical and occupational therapy.
  • Other expenses imposed on a family by a birth injury, such as costs associated with purchasing and updating medical equipment a child needs, and of hiring in-home caregivers and other professional support for a child facing a potential lifetime of birth injury-related deficits.
  • Lost wages parents fail to earn because they take time away from work to care for an injured child or their own healing from a birth injury.
  • Lost future income, of parents of children injured at birth, of mothers injured during childbirth, and of children whose injuries may limit their future opportunities.
  • Pain, suffering, and diminished quality of life, including physical discomfort, emotional trauma, and the many ways a birth injury can interfere with a child's or injured mother's ability to grow, thrive, enjoy everyday activities, and live independently.

To find out about the types and potential amounts of financial compensation you and your child may have the right to receive, contact the skilled, compassionate attorneys at Zayed Law Offices today for a free, confidential, no-obligation case evaluation.

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Examples of Birth Injury Cases We May Handle in Joliet, IL

A fetus, newborn, or birth mother in Joliet can suffer injuries through many mistakes by medical providers that may occur before, during, or immediately after childbirth.

Here are some examples of types of scenarios that can result in a birth injury, for which Zayed Law Offices may help you recover financial compensation.

  • Failure to diagnose a prenatal or emergent health complication affecting the mother or fetus, which can lead to harm due to a medical provider's failure to take necessary preventative measures to ensure the mother's and baby's health and safety.
  • Failure to treat or respond to a known health risk or condition to the mother or fetus, such as when a provider fails to perform an emergency C-section, address a fetus in a breech position, or summon emergency medical care.
  • Failure to monitor or assess a mother or baby's health condition before, during, or immediately after childbirth, such as instances in which technicians misread sonograms, or fail to pay attention to signs and symptoms reflecting a baby or mother in distress.
  • Unnecessarily traumatic or invasive procedures used during childbirth, such as a medical provider who performs an unnecessary C-section or episiotomy, or improper use of forceps or vacuum extraction.
  • Medication errors that can harm a mother's or baby's health, including providing the wrong dosage of pain medication, or giving a mother or newborn the wrong drug.

These are merely a few examples of the types of provider-driven errors and missteps that may happen in a prenatal or childbirth setting in Joliet. Other scenarios can and do result in birth injuries that appropriate medical care could have avoided.

In general, the risk of preventable birth injuries tends to rise when:

  • The shape of the mother's pelvis causes the child to twist and/or struggle in the birth canal, which can deprive the baby of oxygen (asphyxia);
  • The fetus is awkwardly positioned (called dystocia), resulting in difficult labor or delivery;
  • Labor is prolonged for any reason;
  • An unusually large or heavy fetus (macrosomia); and
  • Premature birth before 37 weeks.

Doctors and other medical personnel must reduce these risks to prevent injuries to babies and mothers.

Medical errors and lack of preventive measures in potentially high-risk health situations can result in potentially severe birth injuries such as:

If you or your newborn suffered injuries after any of these or other complications before or during childbirth in Joliet, you may obtain significant financial compensation. We invite you to contact the skilled birth injury attorneys at Zayed Law Offices today to learn more about how we may help you through this difficult time.

How We Can Help After a Joliet, IL Birth Injury

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Calling a lawyer isn't usually at the top of the list of priorities for Joliet-area parents contending with the stress and heartache of a birth injury. But soon, many families begin to realize that a birth injury saddles them with large unexpected costs and long-term challenges. They wonder how they will manage.

That's where the caring, committed lawyers of Zayed Law Offices can help. We understand and empathize with the difficulties our clients face, and have the know-how and accumulated experience to take decisive action to protect their rights and help them regain their footing.

At Zayed Law Offices, we recognize that every birth injury case is highly personal for our clients and that every child, mother, and family we represent faces unique challenges that deserve our undivided and individualized attention. As a result, no two matters we handle will be identical, and the steps we take to guide our clients through the chaos and trauma they feel will vary widely.

No matter what a case entails, however, our team of award-winning trial lawyers and legal professionals is more than up to the task.

Depending on our clients' needs and priorities, we have the resources and knowhow to:

  • Investigate the circumstances of a birth injury to determine how it happened and who could have, and should have, prevented it. We frequently consult a network of medical professionals who can assist us and our clients in evaluating what went wrong, and who should be held accountable.
  • Evaluate our clients' current and future medical and financial needs stemming from a birth injury, to determine the types and amounts of financial compensation and other forms of relief they deserve to receive to assist them in paying bills and planning for the future.
  • Navigate the procedural complexities of preparing and pursuing a medical malpractice claim in Will County Circuit Court, the federal district court for the Northern District of Illinois, or any other court where our clients may have the right to file a claim.
  • Prepare thorough and comprehensive demands for compensation on behalf of our clients, which we may then submit to a medical provider's malpractice insurance carrier or file in court as a formal lawsuit.
  • Negotiate with medical providers, their insurers, and their lawyers, to explore settlement of our clients' birth injury claims on the most favorable terms possible.
  • Litigate our clients' cases in court, including by taking cases to trial, when it's necessary to have a judge or jury decide how much compensation our clients deserve to receive.
  • Collect and distribute money owed to our clients through a settlement, judgment, or jury award.

In short, Zayed Law Offices excels in providing the full range of legal services parents, children, and families need after a birth injury disrupts their lives. Contact us today to learn more.

Common Questions About Birth Injuries in Joliet, IL

At Zayed Law Offices, new and expecting parents often come to us with the following pressing questions about their rights and options after suffering what they believe was a preventable birth injury. We invite anyone having similar questions to contact us today to speak with a member of our team.

How do I know if a birth injury was preventable?

The short answer is, these days, reasonable and appropriate prenatal and delivery-related care can prevent most birth injuries. To explore whether doctors could have avoided injuries to you or your newborn, speak with our knowledgeable legal professionals.

My baby seemed fine at first but now has health problems. Is a birth injury to blame?

It's very possible. Depending on the type of injury your child suffered, you and your pediatrician may not notice symptoms right away. Months or (in some cases) years could pass before the effects of a birth injury become noticeable even to a trained medical professional. If your child suffered such a hidden birth injury, you may still seek compensation and should speak with a lawyer right away.

How long do I have to file a birth injury lawsuit in Joliet, Illinois?

In most cases, you may take legal action for up to two years after you know or reasonably should know that your child suffered a birth injury caused by a Joliet healthcare provider. But it's important to remember that that is just the outside time limit for filing a lawsuit. A birth injury lawyer may need to take prompt action on your behalf long before then to preserve your rights and give you the best chance of securing full compensation for your or your child's injuries.

What if I don't have money to pay a birth injury lawyer in Joliet, IL?

That's okay. An initial case evaluation with the birth injury team at Zayed Law Offices is always free-of-charge. Like all personal injury lawyers, we also work for our clients on a contingent fee basis. That means we do not charge our clients up-front payments and do not bill them by the hour for our services. Instead, our fee consists only of a percentage of any money we recover on our clients' behalf. In other words, we only get paid if our clients get paid.

Contact an Experienced Medical Malpractice Attorney in Joliet

You, your child, and your family do not need to face the trauma and challenge of a birth injury alone. A skilled Joliet birth injury lawyer can assist in making decisions, planning your future, and getting you the money you need to ensure your and your child's wellbeing.

Contact Zayed Law Offices online or call our Joliet office at (815) 726-1616 for a free, confidential, no-obligation case evaluation by a compassionate, knowledgeable legal professional.

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